List of USO sightings in Puerto Rico

Update: April 12, 2009

Coast to Coast

Overnight radio program pursuing the unexplained with George Noory. Hosted by Ian Punnett on Saturday evenings

Update: April 11, 2009

Underwater alien bases – Part 1

On November 11th 1987, the small town of Gulf Breeze, Florida is inundated with UFO sightings. More than 200 witnesses see strange, unexplained lights in the sky. The strange sightings last through the early 1990s. The mountain of evidence is overwhelming–videos, eyewitnesses, and news coverage everywhere. But where are these Gulf Coast UFOs coming from? Shockingly, 90 miles away in Cuba, U.S. military personnel stationed in Guantanamo Bay may be seeing USO’s–Unidentified Submerged Objects–rising out of the ocean. We will examine satellite images of what appear to be underwater landing strips and other strange evidence.

Underwater alien bases – Part 2

Underwater alien bases – Part 3

Underwater alien bases – Part 4

Underwater alien bases – Part 5

Update: April 4,2009


from around the world. Click Here.

Update: March 17, 2009
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Origins of Ancient Knowledge
I had originally posted this on another site, a social site and decided to republish it here along with a number of related videos I found on YouTube. Click Here.


Here is another site of interest:

The UFO Chronicles


Update: January 6, 2009

Professor Reinaldo Rios

professor-reinaldo-riosProfessor Reinaldo Rios (pictured above) is a local elementary school teacher from Lajas, Puerto Rico. Rios is now 39 years old.
Professor Reinaldo Ríos
HC 37 BOX 3773 Guanica,PR
00653 TEL: 1-787-821-3613

Hablando Sobre el Fenomeno OVNIs

Station: WAEL
Frequency: 600 AM
Time: Fridays at 6.00pm
Presenter: Professor Reinaldo Rios – UFO Investigator
Language: Spanish/English

Magnolia Street
Puerto Rico

Phone/Fax: 1-787-833-0600

This programme is about UFO Investigations, Sightings and Research.


For more articles on UFO’s in Puerto Rico Click on the link below:

Update: October 20, 2008

This one is not about Puerto Rico but is of importance to the UFO community and researchers.

British Ministry of Defense releases 4,500 Pages on UFO’s

LONDON, England (CNN) — Britain’s Ministry of Defense has released files on UFO sightings dating back to the 1970s, including witness accounts and the government’s response.

The ministry on Wednesday released the files as part of a four-year project to transfer all of the UFO documents to the National Archives to make them available to curious members of the public.

The documents include hundreds of police reports taken from witnesses who describe seeing lights or strange objects in the sky, from southern England and Wales up to Northern Ireland.

The files released Wednesday cover 1978 to 1987. The rest, dating from the 1950s and covering recent history, will be released over the coming years. More…

Update: June 5, 2008

This one is not a sighting or even in Puerto Rico but I thought I should put it here since most people will be interested in it.

Meteor Crash in Peru Caused Mysterious Illness
José Orozco in Caracas, Venezuela
for National Geographic News
September 21, 2007
An object that struck the high plains of Peru on Saturday, causing a mysterious illness among local residents, was a rare kind of meteorite, scientists announced today. More…

Update: March 30,2008

UFO Photos Draw National Attention

Someone using the name Raji posted images on the Web site Craigslist, answered a few questions from UFO hunters around the world, and then just disappeared into cyberspace.


Source: AOL News


Note: Click on link above then type Puerto Rico in the search box at bottom.

A collection of water-related cases
Collected by Carl Feindt
(Biography – scroll to bottom)

Contains 1,112 cases from the year 1067 thru October 02, 2007

A number of the reports are in Spanish and translated to English.
This file is in PDF format 828 KB (requires Adobe Reader)
Download the Blue Book Database File (Excel Format 86 KB) Zipped
Online Blue Book Database File (Large File 1.18 MB)
Links to other research sites


[HST] UFO Files – Deep Sea UFOs-1

[HST] UFO Files – Deep Sea UFOs-2

[HST] UFO Files – Deep Sea UFOs-3

[HST] UFO Files – Deep Sea UFOs-4

[HST] UFO Files – Deep Sea UFOs-5
Highlights include the 1967 “Shag Harbour Incident”, a government-documented USO crash off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, and a trip to the area around Laguna Cartegena in Puerto Rico, a reported hotbed of USO activity.

List of Websites of interest

UFO Evidence
Above Top Secret
Where is Area
Investigate UFO Secrets
UFO Casebook .com
UFO Reports
UFO Evidence
UFO Video From USO Hotspots in Puerto Rico

Center for Physical Trace Research

This blog has been created to inform the public about the UFO subject. It also contains peripheral phenomena. Created by Aileen Garoutte, previously Director of The UFO Contact Center International.


The UFOINFO Website operates on a not-for-profit basis and provides impartial coverage of a wide range of UFO topics and information for researchers, enthusiasts and those new to the subject. Constantly updated, it is the Official home of UFO Roundup, Encounters With Aliens On This Day, AUFORN Reports and UFO + PSI Magazine and also has archives of Filer’s Files, Humanoid Sighting Reports by Albert Rosales and UFO News UK, a selection of sighting reports from the Oz Files mailing list and much more.

The scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity.

National UFO Reporting Center
The web’s most comprehensive and up to date UFO information source
Provided by America’s foremost UFO Reporting Agency
In continuous operation since 1974

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  1. Lucas from brazil Says:


  2. Stephen Says:

    I, would like to know how to start a site here in South Africa, is there already some one here doing it, and if so can you tell me who so that I can contact them and see if they need help?
    UFO groups in South Africa Geocities.Com/Saufor Saufor.Com

  3. charles Says:

    some of these ufos arent real (holograms).

  4. John Manion Says:

    Why i believe in UFOs ,My uncle was a B29 navigator during the Korean war, durning a mission a UFO flew up off their wing tip and followed the aircraft for about 5 mins. I was flat saucer shaped and had rotating lights .This was a day sighting pictures were taken. Mission was scrubbed and returned to base . All information was classified. My uncle was not a joking man and took his job very serious. At the time he was a Lt. and later becams Captain In the Stragetic Air Command (SAC ) he was navigator on B-47 Jet Bombers. He retired from The United States Air Force

  5. Chino Rodriguez Says:

    All the Video Links are not working ???

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