California Latin Newspapers

Here is a list of the California Latin Newspapers.

Hope I got everybody.



1. El Popular Bakersfield, Cal.
2. Vida en el Valle Fresno,Cal.
3. Las Noticias del Valle Hanford,Cal.
4. 20 de Mayo Los Angeles, Cal.
5. Hoy Los Angeles,Cal.
6. Impacto USA Los Angeles, Cal.
7. La Opinion Los Angeles,Cal.
8. Buenos Dias Oxnord, Cal.
9. La Prensa Palm Springs, Cal.
10. La Gaceta Palmdale,Cal.
11. La Prensa en Linea Riverside,Cal.
12. El Sol Salinas,Cal.
13. El Chjcano,San Bernadino,Cal.
14. Diario San Diego, San Diego,Cal
15. Enlace San Diego,Cal.
16. La Prensa San Diego,Cal
17. El Sol Del Valle San Bernadino,San Bernadino,Cal.
18. El Bohemio San Francisco,Cal.
19. El Latino San Francisco
20. El San Francisco,Cal
21. El Observador San Jose,Cal.
22. La Oferta San Jose,Cal.
23. The Capestrano Dispatch San Juan Capestrano,Cal.
24. OC Excelsior Santa Anna, Cal.
25. El Tiempo Santa Maria, Cal.
26. El Mojave Victorville,Cal.

 27.La Gaceta

3 Responses to “California Latin Newspapers”

  1. Luis Says:

    La Gaceta Palmdale, Cal web address
    Thanks for the update El Bohemio

  2. danielle almagor Says:

    What are the largest CA Latin newspapers? I am interested in advertising and want to know which are the 2 or 3 most popular Latin newspapers in CA.


  3. Burse Says:

    Great job. I really like your posts

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