A Heinous Crime in La Isla Del Encanto

I decided that I should write something regarding the case of the decapitated homosexual that took place this past week , November 18, 2009 to be exact.
From the very beginning I noted quite a few discrepancies with the story of Juan A. Martínez.
The actual crime itself made was to me questionable. That an individual should commit such a heinous act on the spur of the moment without any evidence of a prior of this magnitude or type I find highly suspicious. His composure was scary to say the least. This sort of act generally comes after much practice as would be witnessed in a serial killing.

No doubt his quick capture had to be due to the fact that he was well known by the street community, which would indicate that he frequented the area. The victim had boarded his ( Martinez’s ) car in what is known as a red light district in calle Pavial, Caguas. This right away puts holes in the homosexual aspect which made it appear as if he never had contact with them. He could not obviously lay claim to having been surprised at the sex of Jorge Steven López Mercado.
Supposedly he took the young man to his father’s residence. Good question here is where was the father and is he still alive as I have not heard or seen anything of him.
At this point Martinez said he realized that Mercado was a man. I find this to be highly doubtful considering the fact he was in a section known for prostitution and homosexual activity. Now here we are being asked to believe that he decapitated the young man with what amounted to be one blow!
The fact that Martínez is married is not surprising. That he had said that he had been violated while in prison is not surprising either as that is a common occurrence in the local prisons. Like I had mentioned above what truly surprised me was that this  inhuman act was committed in such a way that would indicate experience.
It is interesting to note that the lawyer Ada Conde commented that the alleged suspect was lying from the start as the evidence that was pilling up indicated that he was well known in the area. There is knowledge of his hanging out in the area to approach women and transsexuals.
This is proving to be one of those cases that will draw attention from all sides. Already there have been protest from the gay community in front of the capital with promises of more protest. More on this story Here

El Bohemio


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