UFO Update May 27, 2009

May has been one busy month for UFO Activity!!!

Video Links About UFO’s
DAN AYKROYD UNPLUGGED ON UFOS … UFOs The Secret Evidence Oct. 2005 14132
-nbsp 3 years ago Interesting video written and presented by Nick Cook …
NASAs Alien Anomalies caught on film – A compilation of stunning UFO
footage from …

NASA reviewed amid tales of UFOs, secret space fleet
UFODigest – Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Steve Hammons NASA’s plans for retiring the Space Shuttle program and
moving forward with the next phase of spacecraft – at least spacecraft
known to the …

Tourist in Xi’an takes night photos of “UFOs” over Big Wild Goose …
CCTV – Beijing,China
Mr. Zhang suspects that the objects are “UFOs.” On the morning of May 22,
Mr. Zhang came to the editorial department with his own camera, and claimed
he had …

UFO Info Center » Giant triangle UFO at Pittsgrove, NJ – third …
By UFO Center
Then four more UFOs appeared in the sky, hovering for about 25 minutes
before moving on. In that report, he mentioned UFO activity from two weeks
earlier, when a craft “landed in Green Branch Park.” …

Signs of the Times News for Sun, 24 May 2009
These corridors have unusually high sightings of UFO’s that may suggest
that there are routes that are used by the objects as they carry out
whatever their mission may be. Perhaps the Murrysville area may be located
within one of these …

UFOs over TEXAS on NASA TV – Uncut – The Best Real UFO videos …
By admin
UFOs shoot up & pass over Texas below, as the spacewalking astronauts say
‘hello’. Yet they ignore the UFOs ? Amazing visuals with ‘shop talk’ audio.

Flying saucer lights up Rio sky
Ninemsn – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
By ninemsn staff Close to half a million people have flocked to Rio de
Janeiro’s beaches to see a giant UFO flying overhead. …

Murrysville, Pennsylvania – A possible corridor for ufo’s?
Examiner.com – USA
This up-scale community in western Westmoreland county, just east of
Pittsburgh, has been a hot-bed of UFO sightings since last year. …

Hundreds see UFO’s over city – Helicopters Investigate : thecrit.com
Hundreds see UFO’s over city – Helicopters Investigate. May 23, 2009. 1
Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars (1 votes, average: 5 out of 5).
Loading … May 20th 10:30pm (ish), glowing lights appear in the sky. Some
move. …

Biden Leaks UFO Secret
The Spoof (satire) – UK
The wacky Vice-President confirmed the existence of UFO’s in a speech to a
stunned audience of scientists yesterday. Mr. Biden was informed of the …

Mississippi UFO caught on video as large group of helicopters …
Examiner.com – USA
The UFO Examiner has requested an interview with the photographer and will
report back as this story updates. Please keep in mind that most UFO
reports can …

UFOs on the move for May of 2009
Examiner.com – USA
Greetings to our readers and UFO enthusiasts out there. We wanted to bring
forth that May has become a very busy month for UFO activity. …

West Virginia man watches spherical-shaped UFO conduct ground search
Examiner.com – USA
Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something
natural or manmade. If West Virginia MUFON State Director John Ventre
investigates …



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