My Attendance Slip

A while back I came across an interesting blog by way of a comment that was left on my post” Where exactly is home now?” by the author of that blog, My Attendance Slip.  Here is that comment:

I feel sad for your country. I am a Filipino, and I can relate to this. The Philippines was given to US by Spain after the Spanish-American war and even though we gained our independence after world war 2, we were never able to stand up again and truly release ourselves from the grip of foreign powers.

Those who live in Puerto Rico can certainly relate to this as, in a way we share a similar history. However, it is not of that post that I am writing about but of the blog My Attendance Slip itself. I started dropping in on that blog and checking out the various posts and found them to be interesting. Interesting in that it portrays the life of a working Philippino nurse in a country on the other side of the world and you get to see the similarities and differences between our cultures. Check out some of the posts regarding work and you begin to see what I mean.
The blog merit’s a visit if not several and most certainly a link in your blogroll if you are a blogger.
El Bohemio

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4 Responses to “My Attendance Slip”

  1. Efrain Ortiz Jr Says:

    Thanks for this entry, I hadn”t gone that far back in your blog to catch ” Where exactly is Home Now” yet…I regret to have missed it but am glad that with this post I was able to read it…Thank you very much for this and I have begun to also take a look at My Attendance Slip.

  2. elbohemio Says:

    Thanks for the comment Efrain. Hope all is well up north. Its starting to get real hot down here which means the electric bills will start going up!!!
    El Bohemio

  3. Anito Says:

    Thank you.

  4. Anito Says:

    Nobody has done this to my blog before. even when I was still using my old blog domain. Apparently, all I got were two hate posts, and three hate mails.

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