Twitter and Real Life

I have come to the realization that Twitter may very well be a waste of time. I say this because the majority of the things I see posted there and that make the Trendy list tend to be things that are of little if any significance. For a while ( recently ) there was a flood of information due to the outbreak of the flu but almost immediately people were back to the usual narcissistic, soap opera gossip with nothing to do with the realities of life and the world. A lot of what I see posted on Twitter is from a younger crowd that, by the very nature of their age are not concerned with what is going on in the world and don’t realize that many of these events do have an effect on their lives and the lives of others.
There are others who post to Twitter and makes one wonder if they have any sort of life at all. You know the ones. They are constantly posting throughout the day every minute detail of what they are doing, as if anyone really cared. I find this to be rather sad and pathetic, yet Twitter is popular! I think it is because of those very points that Twitter is popular namely it appeals to the new, younger generation that has been observed to be narcissistic, and self absorbed and little concerned with what goes on around them which points to the lack of interest for world affairs. This is a sad statement which makes one wonder what the future holds with such a mentality?
Twitter is a modern phenomenon yet it might well prove to be a barometer of human trends, for better or for worse!
El Bohemio


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3 Responses to “Twitter and Real Life”

  1. Anito Says:

    Blogs, Twitters, Multiply, myspace and other online social networking sites are all made and will only be enjoyed by narcissists and histrionics. Check out your myspace account… how many photos(particularly self portraits) do you have? 🙂 Attention Seekers have never had this kind of so much power to flaunt until this recent decade.

  2. Efrain Says:

    I’d have to agree and disagree. Agree that far to many people use Twitter as a way to tell everyone every moment of their daily lives. A lot of useless information…others seem to use it to carry on conversations with one another. Who cares? I say get a phone and call each other. I can see Twitter being useful if used in an appropraiate manner such as to convey useful information. I personally use it to post news events of cultural interests, to provide info to my latest blog posts in which I always try to promote cultural information. I have also used it to share articles of interests that I think others may like (such as several of your posts).

    • elbohemio Says:

      Yes Efrain I do agree, let those who insist on letting the world know about their mindless babble get a phone ( and pay for it ) and stop wasting valuable bandwidth on Twitter. Twitter is useful when used properly and can provide valuable information.
      Thank you very much for the compliment regarding my posts.

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