UFO Update May 12, 2009

Palmo UFO is spotted in Qld
Northern Territory – Australia

Kym said she had never had any previous UFO encounters. “I’ve never really
thought about them or had a view on them,” she said. “But my motto is never
say …

Mum spots latest UFO in Top End

Klayman Joins the UFO Nuts
ScienceBlogs – USA
What does the US government really know about UFOs and other unexplained
phenomena? That’s what Larry Klayman’s Freedom Watch organization wants to
know. …

Weather Eye: are UFOs a myth of the space age?
Times Online – UK
On May 12, 1949, Donald Menzel, a leading astronomer from Harvard
University, reported seeing a UFO. He was driving through New Mexico at
about 9.30pm when …

UFO scoop demanded of CIA, military
| UFOs here there everywhere
By admin
DVD reveals startling scriptural evidence from noted scholars like Dave
Hunt (”The Archon Conspiracy”) and I.D.E. Thomas (”The Omega
Conspiracy”) which reveals the hidden truth about UFO’s and the beings
who operate them. …

UFOs here there everywhere

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