Mermaid, Alien or Hoax

I was doing some checking on an email I got this week. It was in regards to a so called mermaid that has been supposedly found in various locations from the Philippines to Malaysia to Haiti in 2006. See photo’s below:

If in fact this thing does exist it would be interesting to know where it is currently located.  In my opinion it might be nothing more than an elaborate hoax, well done yes but a hoax none the less. If this thing were real it would have made front page news across the world when it came out in 2006 and scientist’s would have been all over it and my search on Scientific America produced no results though I know the conspiracy theorists will probably claim they have it in hiding much like the Roswell alien bodies.  For those who want to do some more reading and checking you can go Here and Here


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3 Responses to “Mermaid, Alien or Hoax”

  1. Anito Says:

    It isa hoax,

    PS the Philippines is spelled with double letter ‘p’. 🙂

  2. Meli Says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen the pictures in lotsa youtube vids
    They kinda look like those creatures from one of the zelda games

  3. DJFly Says:

    Its real!!! because me and my friend were at da Géléa festival (Cayes, Haiti) and we were by the beach talking all them trash, and we saw somebody in the sea with something that look like her hair and trying to holla at her, when we trying to come closer the creature went under the sea and we could be able to see her tail… That was incredible, but till now nobody wants to believe us!!! But we don’t care because we know that was true what we seen that night…

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