Egyptians to Slaughter 300,000 Pigs

Well, it would seem that the Egyptian authorities are not taking any chances with the Swine Flu. They announced that over 300,000 pigs will be slaughtered starting tomorrow.  Here are two links, one in Spanish:

Al matadero 350,000 cerdos de Egipto

09:29 a.m.

El sacrificio iniciará mañana y se extenderá por varios meses
Por Agencia EFE

EL CAIRO – Las autoridades egipcias anunciaron hoy que ha finalizado el trasladado de todos los cerdos que había en El Cairo Antiguo, para proceder mañana a su sacrificio, informó la agencia oficial de noticias MENA.
Según un comunicado emitido por el gobernador de la provincia de El Cairo, Abdelazim Wazir, fueron localizados 70 cerdos que han sido trasladados al matadero de Al Basatin donde serán sacrificados mañana.

May 1, 2009

Brigitte Bardot appeals against Egyptian swine flu slaughter

The animal rights activist and former actress Brigitte Bardot has appealed to Egypt to avert the planned slaughter of the country’s pigs, which has been ordered to reduce the effects of a swine flu pandemic.

In a letter to President Mubarak, the former Fifties icon described the decision to cull an estimated 300,000 pigs on a public health pretext as “cowardly”.

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