Two UFOs spotted in Haywards Heath, UK

I got an alert early this morning of a UFO event reported in the UK in the Hayward Heath area during the evening of April 29, 2009.
After reading the article I started checking out the info on a map of the area (see below). According to the description the object was between A272 and Tylers Green. I circled 3 area’s that seem likely.

Note: from past experience with Google maps I discovered that their views might not be up to date and you have to bear that in mind when examining the map. That long field on the right may or may not be there.

These are not the streets of New York but it is most definitely not an unpopulated area. There are several dozen homes in the area and I would not doubt it if more people had seen the event.  Here is the link to the article and to the UK website reported.


Two UFOs spotted in Haywards Heath
Mid Sussex Times – Haywards Heath,England,UK
The sighting at 11.20pm was posted on the website UK UFO sightings. On the previous evening at 10.25pm, Chris Turner reported seeing a disc-shaped object in …

If anyone has spotted any UFO’s in the area you can contact the newsdesk of the Sussex Newspapers.Co.UK by calling (01444) 416611 or email


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