Are UFO’s Visiting the Pyramids?


I came across an interesting website while surfing the web early this morning. Its called Pyramid and its supposed to have a live cam operating that is focused on the Pyramids in Egypt though when I went on it did not seem to be on. What was interesting was that apparently this cam photographed what appeared to be UFO’s flying over the pyramids. One was on Sept.13, 2008 and the other more recent was on April 20, 2009.

Something that I found unusual was that the supposed UFO appears like one that might have come out of the 50’s and 60’s. Anyway here is the site:


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5 Responses to “Are UFO’s Visiting the Pyramids?”

  1. ufoseeker Says:

    It certainly looks like a triangular craft, and these are very common and are currently been seen in many places around the world, though I don’t think this has necessarily has to be a UFO (

    My intellect tells me most of these UFOs are not UFOs, though I believe in ET life and UFO visitations, etc.. Too much information around!

  2. one who knows Says:

    Get a grip and an understanding of the weather and climate of
    Egypt. It is a plastic bag flying high!!!

    The winds are strong enough to do this.

  3. business Says:

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