Do UFO’s Really Exist?

Whenever the topic of UFO’s comes up in conversation that is invariably the first question out of a persons mouth, and I think wrongfully so. As to whether or not you or I believe that UFO’s are real is of little importance. The real question to be asked is Does the Government believe them to be real? And by the government I mean the real powers, the CIA, NSA and all the other Black Agencies. Presidents come and go but these agencies are about as permanent as stone. Even if the government were to topple these agencies would simply morph under another name yet retain the same function, namely National Security, and the key word under that title is Survival! If you take away the obvious merchant factor and war booty of any war you are left with one thing and one thing only, Survival.

Think about it for a moment. If you had something that would give you an overwhelming advantage over every other person and country on Earth would you reveal it? I think not! I don’t think that any sane person or government would. Survival is what’s at stake. It is the one motivational factor that has governed every empire, dynasty, dictatorship and every other form of government there has or will be.

It amuses me the way that many feel they are truly getting the “Scoop” when they flash papers in front of others proclaiming that they got them under the Freedom of Information Act. To that I say Grow Up People! National Security means Survival, and just like you or I would fight to the death for our own survival I guarantee you the government and its core, the Black Agencies will do that job to the tenth power! Anybody who really thinks that any real secrets are being divulged under that act is in a self-delusional state of mind.
With that said let us get back to the original question. Like I said, whether you or I believe in UFO’s is of little importance. The real question is do the
Black Agencies, the real core of government believe in them. Don’t bother asking them either since obviously they are not speaking on the subject. I find it interesting to note that all those shows and supposed documentaries on the subject never come to any real conclusion. So much for the Freedom of Information Act that so many of them hinge their accounts on. As to what the Black Agencies know that is something we will most certainly never know regardless of what act’s congress passes. That’s right, I don’t believe in that crap that we have seen in “Above The Law” or “Clear and Present Danger” where the congressional committee has the last say! That’s in the movies only. In real life the Black Agencies Keep their secrets!!!

I think a questions that are better suited to this phenomenon is this: Does Life exist in the rest of the universe? Does intelligent life exist in the rest of the universe?

To that I must say that I find it inconceivable to think that it does not! As technology continues to expand more and more scientist are coming to the same conclusion.

El Bohemio

Life in the Universe

The Odds of Intelligent Life in the Universe

Life in the Universe Could Be Just About Everywhere


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