Wanted: Computer hackers … to help government

Solution: Hire The Conficker Creator!!!

Administration officials says the U.S. has not kept pace with technological innovations needed to protect its computer networks against emerging threats from hackers, criminals or other nations looking for national security secrets.

Well, why not hire the Conficker creator!!! Let’s face it this individual ( individuals?) is ( are ) good. With the $250,000.00 reward being offered by Microsoft the top hackers are trying to track the individual down with little results.
From Microsoft
As of 13 February 2009, Microsoft is offering a $250,000 United States dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individuals behind the creation and/or distribution of Conficker.

Conficker is a computer worm targeting the Microsoft Windows operating system that was first detected in October 2008.
Microsoft is like the best in the business and Conficker has been able to work its way around their security system even blocking attempts to upload anti-virus software. To make things worse they can’t seem to back track to the source where Conficker originated. Just think, the dam thing comes with payload propagation which automatically updates itself and looks for newer updates and variants and literally distributes itself. The whole thing sounds like something out of a high tech sci-fi movie. Remember Skynet from Terminator?

And as for the threat of hackers from China I am certain the Conficker Creator (s) can hack circles around them.


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