A Most Curious Thing

route-165-march-30-2009March 30, 2009
Today my wife and I took a ride along 165 east of  Dorado towards San Juan and we encountered a most curious thing.
Upon making the obligatory right at El Caracol to head East we began to encounter dead Iguanas on the road. Normally this would not be strange but what was strange was the amount of Iguanas that we encountered along that road even past Levitown. We counted well over twenty dead and one alive ( which made it across the road ) and just as curious they all seemed to have been going South, away from the ocean.
I have no explanation for this event and can’t even speculate. In all the time I have been on the island I have never encountered such a thing.
Maybe someone out there has an explanation.


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One Response to “A Most Curious Thing”

  1. Anito Says:

    Maybe they ran out of food.

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