Origins of Ancient Knowledge

I had originally posted this on another site, a social site and decided to republish it here along with a number of related videos I found on YouTube.

This is something I have had kicking around for quite a number of years and which I would like to put forward to the group to see what you think.
You might recall as kids we would look at a map or a globe of the earth ( if the school could afford one ) and be spell bound as to how South America and Africa would appear as if they had been joined at one time in the past and the subsequent denial by the teacher when this observation was pointed out. Obviously the information about Pangea was not available at the time which would have explained everything and if it was available it was not taught in public schools. Intuitively we seemed to know that something was afoot!

Well here is the thing that has been kicking around for some years now. In all those documentaries that we have watched regarding the ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs , etc., etc. we had always marveled at the knowledge they possessed of the stars and massive construction projects, their alignment with the heavenly bodies which by today’s standards would be near impossible to recreate with the same results. The researchers spoke of the vast knowledge of these Ancients as if they had actually developed it. Well here is the catch, I find it hard to believe that these Ancients actually developed any of that knowledge and that in fact the knowledge was Introduced!!!

A pause here for the laughter….. OK has it ever struck anybody what the degree of knowledge would have to have been in order to undertake the volumes and exactitude of those many structures and their exact alignments. Just think of the various disciplines required, disciplines which I might add did not mature or even appear until much, much later in mankind. Just the mathematics alone would not have existed. Not only that but the accuracy of their calculations when computers did not even exist raises suspicions. If we are to believe the researchers then we are being asked to believe that these Ancients were far more intelligent and knowledgeable than we are and we might all agree that that could not be. Even if they had geniuses at their time I find it hard to believe that the baseline knowledge would have existed, just laying around whereby they could do what they did.

Now, if we reject the mainstream thought and I might add the Religious explanation that all of this came about because of an act of God , which I am certain most in this group would reject outright then that leaves us with the unsettling thought that the Original Knowledge had to have been Introduced and that it had to have come from other than Earth! OK another pause here for the laughter….. If we follow this train of thought then we could begin to see how so many things that took place in those times could begin to be explained. Obviously this would point to the knowledge having come from the heavens, and I don’t mean God! It would point towards a civilization (or civilizations) that are other worldly and far more advanced. There are many learned individuals today that are pointing towards this very concept as a means towards explaining the many inconsistencies regarding this issue. A very unique example is found in the studies of the Bible code. Many in that area are forming the same conclusions. In the 40’s and 50’s you might have been put away for voicing such thoughts but not today! I don’t know how many in this group have ever pondered this question but I am certain that the thought had to have come up at one point or another just like the South America/Africa alignment. I am certain that Einstein and Steven Hawkins had to have pondered this question.
The whole thing appears to enter the realm of Science Fiction but so were lasers and hand held communicators not too long ago!!! Think about it!

Here are the various videos that deal with the subject:
Ancient Aliens
The Sumerian Culture, which dates back to 6,000 BC, is the oldest known culture on Earth.
This video poses an interesting Hypothesis that the “anunnaki” are the GODS as described by the Sumerians, and they had “Android Beings” helping them. Today’s modern UFO’s and Alien Contacts being reported have a strong similarity to the Ancient descriptions of the “anunnaki” Android Beings. When we look at the descriptions of our modern “grey alien”, we can clearly see that they do not look like us, or the anunnaki. Rather, they look like the ancient humanoid depictions of Figurines. The majority of Abduction cases usually have a similar story to them in that the Aliens abducting them will perform medical experience and sometimes experiments having to do with human reproduction.

Ancient Astronauts Pt2 of 2

Ancient Technology (Part 1)

Ancient Technology (Part 2)
Sumerian Culture and Planet X / Nibiru

Our Forgotten History Part 1; The Beginning
Theories regarding the beginning of humanity. Sumerian Enki, Dogon Sirius B, Egyptian Isis/Osirus/Horus, Old Testament ‘Adam and Eve’ and other myths. But are they all just myths or something more?

Yes, there are some errors in it, I didn’t think anybody would end up watching these videos. Sirius is NOT the closest star to Earth, I ment to say it is one of the closer ones to Earth.

***I do NOT believe in ANY Conspiracy Theories especially those regarding ‘Reptilian Alien Races’, ‘New World Order’, ‘Superior Races’ or even ‘the Illuminati’.

Songs used:
Volaverunt Opus 666 by Mago de Oz
Sirius B by Therion

Our Forgotten History Part 2; Lemuria
My favorite subject of all, Lemuria. A lost continent that once lay in the Pacific Ocean.

***I do NOT believe in ANY Conspiracy Theories especially those regarding ‘Reptilian Alien Races’, ‘New World Order’, ‘Superior Races’ or even the Illuminati.

Songs used:
Donnie Darko soundtrack
Lemuria by Therion
Creation of Being by Ghosts of Lemuria

NIBIRU 2012 A.D. The End ?


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