Murder Rate in Puerto Rico

This past August Puerto Rico #2  as far as the murder rate was concerned.

Murder Rate in Puerto Rico – Highest in the United States
Posted on 14 August 2008 [ ]
Update: Washington DC has a higher murder rate than Puerto Rico, based on 2005 stats, making Puerto Rico #2.
Are you planning a trip to Puerto Rico, or perhaps considering a move back to the homeland? Are you interested in finding out comparable violent crime statistics?
You may or may not be surprised to find out that Puerto Rico has the highest murder rate of any United States state or territory.
Puerto Rico (as of 2005 statistics): 19.6 Murders Per 100,000

Asesinato en La Perla


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7 Responses to “Murder Rate in Puerto Rico”

  1. jim from Virginia Says:

    Wow! I didnt know this. Everytime I visit and stay for about several months I have neve felt unsafe. I visit Camuy and quebradillas. Well im sure it cant be worse than Phoenix, AZ or L.A. I guess anywear you go drugs can bring the worst in people.

  2. F. R. Says:

    Other Caribbean destinations have higher murder rates. Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Belize, Trinidad, and the Bahamas all have higher murder rates than Puerto Rico and yet they are all popular American tourist destinations.

  3. F. R. Says:

    The video above was shot by a police camera in “La Perla” a slum in Old San Juan inhabited by squators. It is well known in Puerto Rico as a very dangerous place and is avoided by Puerto Ricans except for those looking for illegal drugs.

    • nomad3790 Says:

      Indeed La Perla is a slum by the waterfront. The rest of San Juan is nothing like this. Puerto Rico’s murder rate is high, but as F.R stated, not as high as the other Caribbean islands. Go to South America and you’ll see even higher rates. Puerto Rico is gorgeous and we do have our problems, like everybody else.

  4. cross trainer Says:

    Here's a list of what Alex Jones believes in……..?

  5. Jose (Cheo) Hernandez Says:

    I go twice a year on business and pleasure and I love the island, but I never really feel safe. I agree that crazy and unexpected things happen too frequently. It is like there is a simmering anger in the population which can be easily triggered by a traffic issue or even a slight of some type. Drugs are a huge problem and it is not too unusual to see addicts wandering aroung in some of the areas.

  6. Antolin jimenez Says:

    every major city has addicts compadre your a racist prep..

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