Cumba Media

I recently had the pleasure of being visited by Cumba Media on one of my Latin sites.  Upon checking it out I discovered we have a lot of things in common  regarding Latinos and Puerto Ricans.
The site is a rather informative one regarding the issues and history of Latinos and Puerto Ricans. Here is an excerpt from the sites About page:

This website is a consolidation of my two blogs, Lamento Borincano and Diverse Reality, that were previously hosted on Blogger. I decided to combine them because some of the content was cross-indexed. There was also content that I felt readers may not be aware of that interested them.
The Lamento Borincano Project came about because of my interest in Puerto Rican history and the inaccessibility of that information. The posts reflect my journey as I explore the history through its culture (music, film, theater and literature). Exposing audiences to artists that may not have the exposure they deserve or who have been forgotten is one of the pleasures in my life. We are so bombarded with popular culture that we overlook the fact that there are many individuals out there, working and producing creative works. If I can influence even one reader to check out one of these talented people, I will be happy.

I invite my readers to check it out as there is valuable information and numerous links that will be of interest. Just click on the image below.

El Bohemio



One Response to “Cumba Media”

  1. cumba Says:

    Bohemio, I appreciate the kind words and links. Working to add more to my site and I agree we do have a lot in common as far as our passion.



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