Puerto Rico Politicians: Are You Barack63 Compliant?

I happened to stumble upon this site, Puerto Rico: A Paradise Lost , while researching politicians. It presented a most sobering question for politicians which raised my eyebrow. After going through the questions on the questionnaire ( available in PDF,  click here )I began to have some really serious doubts as to whether the island politicians could meet the standards or even answer the questions honestly. So as not to seem to be targeting the politicians I think that many other sectors of the island would not be able to answer many of the questions in full honesty!

It really would raise the question as to how much help the island can expect from the new U.S. administration seeing as they are real sticklers for details and honesty. Could the politicians and most others including the corporations stand up to the scrutiny?

We all saw the lambasting the Big 3 Automakers got during the Congressional hearings they had to attend to justify the money they were trying to get their hands on and that was under the Bush administration! I imagine those same hearings under the current Obama administration and I can visualize the carnage and them being shown the door so they can file for bankruptcy!

I could just imagine the harrowing experiences the island politicians are going to have in Washington in the next 4 years, and a Republican administration at that.

While at the site I discovered just how backward the island is regarding technology and the internet specifically. It was shocking to have found out the following:

“Only 30 of the 79 municipalities have websites, varying in quality from disasters like Camuy, lost domains like Salinas, many under construction and about 6 that stand out for at least appearing professional, including Cayey, Carolina, Fajardo, Mayaguez, San Juan, and Trujilloalto.

What’s the word I’m looking for, oh yea, WOW!!! Its incredible to think that roughly 40% of the municipalities have websites and most of those don’t seem to be working properly. The rest of the municipalities have phone numbers! Phone Numbers! That’s incredible. The majority of businesses in the states and many here have websites. I heard from an art designer not too long ago that most corporations will not even look at an artist if he does not have a website! There are many individuals who have websites even here on the island. That has got to be a monumental embarrassment to those municipalities. No wonder the island is in such bad shape. I found this to be particularly interesting:

“Yes, rights to privacy and Miranda rights (for those who get in hot water) are still there. However Big Brother 2.0 is as much “the people” themselves as it is the government. Now citizens are watching back and demanding more.
I like that Big Brother 2.0!
That is very true more so in this day an age of Citizen Journalism and I Reporters! I think the Age of the People has come into being in full force where citizens armed with computers and the internet now truly have a saying in matters. The Biosphere has become a truly powerful medium and it is rapidly over-taking the traditional medias.

So Politicians Beware! The people now have a true voice and one that is World Wide in scope at the click of a mouse.

For those interested in viewing the website mentioned above just click on the image below


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