Documental Boricua Rap Series

documental Boricua Rap 1 Intifada 79 Yallz Conciencia Poet.

Documental de rap boricua. producido por Bni mz, Rorigo Mora. Vzla08 Intifada luis Diaz Yallzee 79, nuff ced, velcro, ikol santiago,la7ma,centro de produccion audiovisual grupo madera Colectivo hip hop revolucion, latino, albizu Campos, Filiberto ojeda, los macheteros, independentismo.

documental Boricua Rap 2 IntifadaYallz 79 Conciencia Poetica

documental Boricua Rap 3. Raimex, Graffiti de Puerto Rico,

documental Boricua Rap 4 79 Nuff Ced

documental Boricua Rap 5 Ikol Santiago . creditos

Noted Latino rappers and hip hop DJs

Source: Wikipedia


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2 Responses to “Documental Boricua Rap Series”

  1. Chuleta Says:

    Thank you for posting these videos as they certainly opened my eyes to the youth movement going on in Puerto Rico. The expressive manners by these rappers whether in music or verbiage was heartfelt and deep. Although I was born and raised in NYC, I consider myself to be Puerto Rican 100% and it gives me great pleasure that these rappers in Puerto Rican are speaking up and having their voices heard! Don’t let our history, our traditions, our struggle die out and teach our children who WE/Puerto Ricans really are!

  2. Theodor Anton Says:

    Really love that series, South Park knows mixing humor and ridicule to expose the taboo of society and is a recipe that works, then saw to it continue!

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