What Now?

It would seem that the PIP (  Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño ) the Puerto Rican Independence Party has suffered a crushing blow in past election in which they were not able to garner the needed 3% of votes in order to remain a viable party. Is it possible that this party is on the way out? Is it due to suffer a stillbirth that has lasted 20 years? One of their biggest obstacles has been the in fighting between the new and the old guard. Obviously this brought about a split in the direction the party should take. Where as before they had sustained around 7% of the vote this time they could not even get the required 3% to remain a viable party.

These past elections brought about a change that could have been foreseen by a blind man.

The PPD ( Partido Popular Democratic ) The Popular Democratic Party was rocked by scandal  over the federal corruption charges filed by the FBI against the governor Anibal Acevedo Vila. After the elections a number of the charges were dropped yet others remained. Many have questioned the timing of these charges and many more questioned the motives.

The PNP ( Partido Nuevo Progresista ) New Progressive Party had some minor disputes among its leadership mostly over young blood verses old. The fact that they won the elections does not necessarily reflect the peoples will.

As for the latest contender in the political arena, the PPR ( Puertorriqueños por Puerto Rico ) Puerto Rican for Puerto Rico they had introduced a dynamic, new element into the elections. You might ask why then didn’t they make more of a splash and garner more votes? From what I was able to witness it was the lack of a position on the status issue. I understood their strategy as they wanted to stay away from just that and focus on goals such as wind energy, environmental issues, etc., etc., however they in effect left the voter in a confused state of mind. Many were in favor of the goals stated but they could not come to any reconciliation because the status issue was not on the table neither would the party commit to any position regarding status. As anyone that has lived in Puerto Rico knows the status issue has been hotly debated for decades! In fact when it comes to politics here on the island status is THE issue period!

Now that the New Progressive Party is in power many may think that we are on the road towards statehood, however something happened during the Presidential elections that the party did not count with, the democrats won and we now have a democratic president.
No doubt they were expecting the republicans to win but the American people spoke and they were pissed at the performance of the republican administration of the past eight years! They were tired of the lie’s, the two wars, with a possible third one in the works, the Wall street greed and the crumbling economy. You might say that the New Progressive Party’s victory is a hollow one as their goal is and has been statehood and with a mostly democratic congress and president that does not seem likely. No doubt President Obama will take a dim view of the assimilation of a culture more so since he had lived in Hawaii and has seen first hand its effects.

Well, after all these decades of indecision we are back to square one, again, and I ask myself this question, What Now?




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