British Ministry of Defense Releases 4,500 Pages on UFO’s

Well it would seem like the Brits are finally releasing information regarding UFO sightings. I checked out the report and it is interesting to say the least. Check out the links below.

UK: Jet captain reported UFO sighting

LONDON, England (CNN) — Thousands of documents about reported UFO sightings — ranging from calm accounts by professional pilots to unhinged rants about the extraterrestrial menace — have been released by the British Ministry of Defence.

The 4,500 pages cover sightings that were reported from 1986 through 1992. The British military released them to a curious public as part of a four-year project to transfer all such documents to the National Archives.

One highlight from the batch released Monday involves the captain of an Italian airliner. He shouted “Look out!” to his co-pilot in April 1991 after claiming to see a beige “missile-shaped object” shoot past the cockpit. More…

Secret UFO files released by UK government

LONDON, England (CNN) — Britain’s Ministry of Defense has released files on UFO sightings dating back to the 1970s, including witness accounts and the government’s response.

The ministry on Wednesday released the files as part of a four-year project to transfer all of the UFO documents to the National Archives to make them available to curious members of the public.

The documents include hundreds of police reports taken from witnesses who describe seeing lights or strange objects in the sky, from southern England and Wales up to Northern Ireland.

The files released Wednesday cover 1978 to 1987. The rest, dating from the 1950s and covering recent history, will be released over the coming years. More…


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