Puerto Rico resident commissioner candidate Carlos Alberto Velázquez

The race to Washington


Puerto Rico resident commissioner candidate Carlos Alberto Velázquez may not have been born in Puerto Rico, but that certainly doesn’t disqualify him for the job.

His candidacy is also unique, compared to the rest of the field, in two significant respects: He and his party are newcomers to the political process, and neither stands for a specific status alternative for Puerto Rico.

Neutrality on status

“Everyone is well-aware now that the PRPR has attracted people who are pro-statehood, pro-Commonwealth and pro-independence, as well as a sector of society that is undecided. We have jealously guarded our neutrality on matters of status, and that will be my commitment during my incumbency.”

Priorities in Washington

“They include poverty reduction; clean up and conversion to civilian use of former military land; ensuring equality and justice in education for all our children; participation in federal programs that promote collective transportation; and a concerted effort to enhance Puerto Rico’s competitiveness.”

Sustainable development through a restoration economy

“Coordinated investments in green technologies are an important part of our economic recovery. I will have an important role to play in Washington to ensure Puerto Rico participates in federal programs, like those within the departments of Energy and Transportation, which provide incentives for such investment.”



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2 Responses to “Puerto Rico resident commissioner candidate Carlos Alberto Velázquez”

  1. Carlos Alberto Velázquez Says:

    I’m Carlos Alberto Velázquez, an homonimus of the Candidate, please I wish to contact with him.
    I’m an Argentine Architect living in Panamá, Rep. of Panamá.
    my phone: (507) 6677-6415

  2. Carlos A. Velazquez Says:

    If anyone wants to contact me, they can do so at carlos_alberto@prige.org

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