Dominicans fume over blackouts

Power outages lasting as long as 18 hours are causing major disruptions and angering residents of the Dominican Republic.

Posted on Sun, Aug. 24, 2008
Special to The Miami Herald
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Gloom has descended over this Caribbean nation as Dominicans endure blackouts with such frequency and duration that tempers are flaring and the economy is foundering.
With blackouts lasting as long as 18 hours in some areas, angry residents have taken to blocking streets with burning tires and stones in protest, and police have respondent with tear gas that have even hit homes.

Now this is a topic that I can attest to personally as I have had communications with a source on the island.The news I have gotten is exactly as stated in this article. The frustrations of the islanders has gone beyond the boiling point. I know of at least one attack on a police station due to these frustrations not counting an attack on an electric tower.

The word I got is that the people have had enough. They are at their wits end over the situation. I recall that on a number of occasions I have lost communications with my contact due to power failures and they have been getting worse. Sometimes I get no more than a couple of minutes before the communication is disconnected.

From the little I get the people are really hurting. Imagine being in that heat without being able to run a simple fan to cool off. I will not even get into the area of maintaining perishables, if you are lucky enough to get them. Their energy problem is only one of many but it is a central issue. Just imagine being without electricity for 18+ hours on a regular basis!

Things are not good there and they don’t promise to be any better in the near future. For more information you should simply type Dominican Newspapers into your search engine and you will get the latest regarding conditions on the island.


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