Blackouts Spark Protest in Dominican Republic

It would seem that the recent unconfirmed news by my source in the Dominica Republic is now being confirmed by local papers from that island.

Blackouts spark protests, vandals topple two electric towers

Local – 15 August 2008, 9:06 AM
SANTIAGO. – The protests against the blackouts continued yesterday in several Cibao (north) cities, while in the municipal district La Mata, Cotuí (northeast), demolished two 69,000-volt power line towers were toppled, which left most of that region’s towns without energy. Source: Dominican Today

Fri, 15 Aug 2008 08:12:00
Derriban dos torres y apedrean locales durante protestas por apagones

SANTIAGO.- La mayoría de las localidades del nordeste de la República Dominicana quedaron este jueves sin electricidad luego que desconocidos derribaran dos torres de alta tensión como parte de una alegada protesta por los apagones en la zona. Source:

Two towers demolished and locals stoned during protests due to outages
Santiago – most of the northeast of the Dominican Republic were without electricity this Thursday after unknown topple two towers of high tension as part of an alleged protest by the outages in the area.


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