Now The Closure Begins: Sgt. Alex R. Jimenez

Honoring SSgt Alex Jimenez

Now the closure begins for the family of Sgt. Alex R Jimenez. It has been a long painful road ever since he along with two other soldiers went missing on May 12, 2007 in an ambush in Baghdad’s Triangle of Death.

I had followed every twist and turn ever since and can well imagine the sleepless nights his family must have gone through. It is the hope and anguish that only a family can know. The pain that only parents can feel.

Families Mourn Loss of Missing Soldiers

I felt deep sorrow when I heard the news that their bodies were found. Even after all that time I, like many out there had held onto that hope that they would be found alive. Even after hearing the news I wondered if it could not be a mistake, but like everyone else I had to confront the reality of the medical examiners report when it was finally released. Then the reports of those military officials making that dreaded visit that all families fear, the  notification to the family. I know the fear of that visit as I too have sons and while one was in Iraq I dreaded seeing a military vehicle come to my door step. It’s the fear that many parents, spouses and families live with each day, in these times.

Now the time for closure has begun for the family.  This brings to an end the journey that started on May 12, 2007. My condolences to Alex’s family.

And to Sgt. Alex R. Jimenez,
Rest In Peace Bro, Rest In Peace.

Funeral For SSG Alex Jimenez, Corona, NY


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