“Los Juanes del Pueblo” CENSORED in New York!

Update: June 17, 2008

Los Juanes del Pueblo

will be at Café-teatro Punto Fijo, Bellas Artes de Santurce Saturdays at 10m p.m. UNCENSURED!

Let’s do the right thing! Back up Juanes del Pueblo.

14, 21, 28 de junio | 5 de julio de 2008, Location/Lugar: Cafe Teatro PUNTO FIJO, Hour/Hora: 8:30 PM, Price per Ticket/Precio por Boleto: General $21.60, Service Charge per Ticket /Cargo por Servicio por boleto: $3.00, Internet Fee/Cargo de Servicio de Internet por transacción: $1.50

Ticket Center  787.792.5000

Los Juanes del Pueblo en Vieques

The Puerto Rican actors Ángel Vázquez and Ernesto Concepción were is a state of indignation after their show “Los Juanes del Pueblo” was supposedly censored this past Friday night ( June 6, 2008 ) at the official banquet which took place in New York just prior to the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

Angel Vázquez narrated in a telephone interview with Primera Hora that Friday night was with its fellow worker, Ernesto actor Conception, also realizing his show of political satire of Los Juanes del Pueblo in a special event which they were contracted by Gallic Corporation.

The actors satirized the Partido Puerto Rican Independentista (PIP), the Partido Nuevo Progresista (PNP) and when Ernesto Conception was being prepared to satirize the governor of Puerto Rico, the production extinguished the sound and an entertainer finished the show, according to Vázquez Angel.
“When I am demanded to know what had happened from the soundman the cornered man said : `The mayors were annoyed and I was told to cut the show from here”, the actor said.

Vázquez added that the activity was predominated by the mayors of Partido Popular Democrático (PPD), but that there were also members of the PNP, as well as other civil servants of the Government and artists of the patio.
“We publicly complained to Walter Towers, as well as the president of the Association of Mayors, and to the governor of Puerto Rico, because this is a censorship that goes against the freedom of expression, the artists and the democracy”, the actor declared, who is still astonished by this act of censorship.

It is the first time that Angel Vázquez and Ernesto Conception has been “affected” by a supposed act of censorship.
Primera Hora was criticized for having buried the incident in their paper as an article of lesser importance which did not merit the attention or respect it deserved.

It would seem that our local politicians are a bit touchy about satire or could it be that the satire hits closer to the truth making it somewhat uncomfortable for them. Whatever the case Los Juanes Del Pueblo was pulled off the air. I wonder what the Official explanation was?


Repudio a censura de políticos contra los Juanes del Pueblo

El Tapaboca de Primera Hora a Los Juanes del Pueblo

En Justa Perspectiva

Primera Hora


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5 Responses to ““Los Juanes del Pueblo” CENSORED in New York!”

  1. El Rata Says:

    Hi Bohemio, long time no “see”: hope all is well! 🙂 I am glad to see you also are reporting about this issue: since your blog is in English, it will serve to reach a larger community than the Puerto Rican blogosphere.

    The “official explanation” has varied from “their show was running too long” to “the material was not appropriate for the audience”… but your theory that the politicians are a bit touchy seems to most plausible to me! 😀

  2. Edwin Vázquez Says:

    Hi Bohemian. I agree with The Rat in that the most probable cause was that the mayors were offended (well, that’s more than being “a bit touchy”).

    Censorship is wrong in any form.

  3. Myrisa Says:

    The “official explanation” is trying to hide censorship under the guise of criticism? Everyone knows los Juanes del Pueblor are very critical of the local politicians, so did the organizers of the activity. To interrupt a show while it’s going on is blatant censorship.

    Bohemio, thanks for also reporting on this.

  4. El Rata Says:

    Bohemio, I don’t know if you still read El Ñame or not, since I haven’t seen you comment in a while, so in case you don’t, I thought you might enjoy reading the story we wrote on the subject:

    Juanes Del Pueblo Amordazados Por Políticos Coba– [CENSURADO]

    Kind of a peek into an alternate future where the Government gets to censor the blogsphere, as well!

  5. Fabiola Says:

    Let’s do the right thing! Back up Juanes del Pueblo the best way we can…They are in Café-teatro Punto Fijo, Bellas Artes de Santurce Saturdays at 10m p.m. UNCENSURED!

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