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Hernandez contemplates the large question of Puerto Rico’s future: “Obviously the solution is not to be found in any of the ones offered by the current agendas.“ Georgia

Today I decided to make a post of some of the many comments I have received in the past.

They relate to the various posts I have put here throughout the year on various subjects. Here on The Last Caribbean, Bohemian Artist.

El Bohemio
Gracias a Dios que existen personas que en las proximas elecciones del 2008 uno pueda votar por ellas como alternativa. El PPR defiende de corazon a todos por igual, no como los partidos tradicionales. PPR – Adelante Siempre con su agenda.
From Solidario Rogelio Figueroa con reclamo de transporte marítimo, 2008/04/01 at 1:20 PM

I’m glad that someone is recognizing all the Hispanic soldiers who have passed away in the line of duty!!!
From Hispanics that have died in the war in 2007, 2008/03/17 at 4:20 PM

I live in Puerto Rico, and can’t believe all the cases of police brutality that we have. I am doing a research paper on Police brutality in Puerto Rico, and if anyone knows any extra information about other cases of police brutality, please e-mail them to the following address:

From Police officer shoots and kills man in Puerto Rico, 2008/03/07 at 3:43 PM
what a coward. police brutality is very common on the island of PR. most police officers take their positions as a way of bullying residents around. i am appalled that the initial investigation was backed by this officers supervisor. VERY APPALLED!
From Policeman Charged with Homicide is in Prison, Video Reveals the Crime, 2008/02/29 at 12:02 PM

Pvt. Kevin Josue Layer
Mi nombre is Pvt. Kevin Josue Layer…soy un soldado en el army. Mi Abuelo estaba en el army, papi estaba en el army, una tia, un tio, y hasta mi hermano estan en el army. Mi hermano tiene 18 anos y esta en Irak. yo trabajo en Fort. Bragg NORTH Carolina… me puedo imajinar como se siente la mama del soldado. Se tienen que acordar que la decision para entrar al army or qualqier branch de servicio es de uno mismo…yo sabia lo que estaba haciendo..yo entre hace 6 meses atras…mi hermano 1 ano nosotros dos sabiamos que es lo que eva pasar. Puerto Rico es donde yo naci y es mi tierra pero me crei en Los estados unidos. creo que lo que hacen en Irak is necessario…no se preocupen un dia todo se terminara…..que dios los bendiga a todos los soldados puerto riqueno y sus familias.
From Another Puerto Rican Soldier is Killed in Iraq, Mother expresses indignation, 2008/02/27 at 8:28 PM

What a great article. I would like to add some of my experiences in the island…get in touch!..
From A Small Post on Art and Puerto Rico, 2007/12/09 at 12:16 AM

SPC Placencia
Hey I am also a proud Hispanic serving our country and I am honoring all those fallen soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the cause. I am reading the names of all the Hispanics soldiers who have lost their lives in this war on the 22 of September 2007 for the Hispanic heritage month and i would greatly appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction. I need to find all of these names, but I’m having trouble finding only Hispanic soldiers name. i see that above you have 10 names and as an matter a fact i was part of the honor guard in Allentown for Spc Rodriguez, if you have a way of getting me all of their names i would greatly appreciate that.
Spc Placencia
From Hispanics that have died in the war in 2007, 2007/09/09 at 6:01 AM

Kevin McNamee
Edgar was more of an American than most Americans I know. He spent the majority of his life in West Chicago and in the mid nineties moved away. When I enlisted in ‘94 we pretty much lost contact with each other, but I believe he moved to Mexico, then to Florida, and finally settled in Georgia. He was intelligent, funny, and about the nicest person I’ve ever known. His loss is a real shock to all of his friends in Chicagoland and we are very saddened for his mother, wife, son, and brother. His legacy will always be one of happiness with those of us who were at one time close with him.
From Army Pfc. Edgar E. Cardenas, 2007/09/04 at 7:13 AM

After seeing this video and listening to the former Police Super. of PR, I wonder why this officer was still on the force
after being accused of domestic violence with his gun in the past. As a NY Law Enforcement Officer I know that if accused of any crime involving my firearm I would lose the ability to possess a firearm, be sent to physic services for evaluation and would have to sit before the fire arms review board before I could possess a gun again. In the meantime I would be on what we call the “rubber gun squad,”
(NO GUN). I know we have are own problems in NYC but I
have never seen anything like this video in my life. My heart
goes out to the victim and his family. May he rest in peace,
and may that sorry excuse for a Police Officer (Perp. in Blue)
get everything he has coming to him.
From Police officer shoots and kills man in Puerto Rico, 2007/08/26 at 3:12 AM

Billy A. Duran
Thank you for following the case and all your help in keeping it open. I never met Alex but we have more in common than you could imagine. I stress out and worry about his safety and about what is going on in these difficult times. Thanks again for your vigilance and keep hope alive.
From ARMY SPC. ALEX R. JIMENEZ, 2007/08/13 at 2:04 AM

I met with both men and they are great candidates, very humble and noble men. I invite all of you to keep interested in this new political conjunction in 2008. The change is coming and it will prevail.
From Puertorriqueños por Puerto Rico PRESENTA CANDIDATO COMISIONADO RESIDENTE, 2007/08/01 at 5:04 PM

Virginia Gates
My nephew who is also a nurse was badly injured in that blast. He was very close to Capt. Maria Ortiz. We are all praying for the families, and the people serving in Iraq. Our hearts go out to the Ortiz family, She will be greatly missed.
From Puerto Rican soldier first Army nurse killed in Iraq war since 2003 U.S. Invasion, 2007/07/28 at 2:01 AM

Hola Querido, Thanks for the link…I will happily return the gesture on BoriquaBlog. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the tutorial, and that you are involved in spreading the good word. As for plantains and yautia in middle America, let me assure you that it has arrived, lol! I had the luxury of doing some “detective” work while on my book tour (and when i travel for demos) and I have found “vianda” in most ethnic markets, and by ethnic, I don’t mean restricted to bodegas and Latin markets. I have found yautia and plantains in Asian markets…along with culantro and achiote. Barring all of those options, I like to say this: If you can find a husband/wife on the internet these days, achiote seeds are cake.
And trust me…this recipe for pasteles are the BOMB!! I urge you to try it at your earliest convenience!
From How we miss those “Pasteles”, 2007/03/29 at 2:21 PM


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