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I got a rather unusual surprise this morning after I had posted the previous article. An email awaited me which, after going through it’s contents, I felt would be something that my readers are going to find very informative and maybe even disturbing. It regards two articles that follow a trail from Puerto Rico to New York which involve a labor leader on one hand and none other than the Governor of Puerto Rico on the other. You might recall that a while back there was news about a stateside connection involving Gov. Aníbal Acevedo Vila in which the feds were to conduct an investigation ( I wonder what happened to the investigation?) into some questionable funds. Here again is yet another incident which merits some close monitoring to say the least and maybe even some investigating. I leave it to my readers to decide. One is in English the other in Spanish. Here are the two links:

New York labor leader Dennis Rivera in shady Puerto Rico union deal
La nueva cara del colonialismo sindical

With special thanks to the Harvard Connection!

Update: March 11, 2008

For those of you that are following the ins and outs of this ongoing situation you might want to check out this page on Google Search .


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