War between Venezuela and Colombia? (4 March 2008)

 For Latin News from France click below:
Update: March 8, 2008:
Here is an article over at AlterNet.Org that gives an idea as to the situation between Colombia and Venezuela.

For FARC’s Sake: Colombia’s U.S.-Sponsored Aggression Destabilizing Andean Region

By Richard Gott, AlterNet. Posted March 8, 2008.
The deaths of two senior FARC leaders will stymie the peace process and any hope for release for FARC’s hostages.
The deaths of Raúl Reyes and Julián Conrado, two senior figures in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), are clearly a serious blow to the guerrilla organization. It will now call a halt to the release of hostages held by the FARC in the jungle over many years, a process that had been proceeding slowly under the auspices of the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez. More…

I found 2 MUST SEE videos about the current situation between Venezuela and Colombia over at YouTube during my nightly hunts across the Net.

War between Venezuela and Colombia? (4 March 2008)

BOGOTA, Colombia – Hundreds of Venezuelan troops moved Tuesday toward the border with Colombia, where trade was slowing amid heightening tension over Colombia’s cross-border strike on a rebel base in Ecuador. More…

Venezuela Closes Trade Border with Columbia

Tensions are increasing between Venezuela and Columbia. Venezuela has closed its trade border with Colombia and the Columbian President wants to put Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez put on trial for financing a terrorist group. More…

Related News from Colombia

Pierre Onzaga, uno de los líderes de la Marcha gestada por usuarios en Facebook, se dirige a los ciudadanos en la Plaza de Bolívar.

La crónica de la marcha puede verse aquí.

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