Hispanic gang may be responsible for vandalizing Vietnam War memorial

Chad Groening

OneNewsNow.comJanuary 4, 2008

An author and investigative journalist who has done extensive research on notorious Hispanic street gangs says it’s “sickening” that a Vietnam War memorial has been defaced with gang graffiti. More…


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3 Responses to “Hispanic gang may be responsible for vandalizing Vietnam War memorial”

  1. matthew grover Says:

    I am a disabled veteran and i am just sick to death with the gangs and the illegal immigration crises. they have the nerve to vandalize the Vietnam vet war memorial. this is really sad and makes law abiding American citizens just want to cry I really have hope that we could deport those criminals if and when they are caught.

  2. Donnie Scarberry Says:

    This filth of a gang needs to be forced to go back to their own country for doing these stupid acts.Take them into custody and send them back to their own country.They messed it up so now they want to ruin our country.

  3. Javier Cano Says:

    Quit your stupid generalizatios! “Hispanic” does not infer that they are from another country, nor that they are illigally here in the United States.

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