Where is Lina Maria?

I had a most interesting experience this morning after I checked my blogs and email. I went to NYC Bloggers thinking of listing my blog there in an attempt to bring it to the attention of people in Brooklyn and Queens. The reason being that I have been searching for old friends from the time I lived in New York, Brooklyn in particular.

When I got to NYC Bloggers I went through the listings and decided to check out the  7Flushing Local line ( listing are organized according to train stations ) as it seemed to be in the area I thought I might get some feedback. I came across the following blog: Junction Boulevard | 6 NYCB
De Política y Otros Animales Raros: Blog in Spanish about Politics and other weird animals. I figured I would check it out and see what it was all about.

It would seem that this person, Lina Maria had a rather unique blog, at least that is my opinion. She had a lot to say about the war, Bush and what should be done. The writings were of a liberal nature but what intrigued me was that the writings were all hers. She wrote from the heart and it did not seem contrived or plagiarized as most things that I find on the Net.

When I first got there I noticed that the blog had been put into hibernation, as she put it on Thursday, November 3, 2005. Two years, and nothing new had been posted! Now my interest was piqued. I began checking the profile and found she had two other blogs. One was: “  The World and Everything in it ” and the other was “ Cuentos de sapos  ( Tales of  Frogs )”. These too seemed to be in hibernation, the last entry being in Cuentos de sapos in May 18, 2007. However it was here that I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here was an account ( in Spanish ) of a love story gone bad. Here I got an account of why the other blogs had been in hibernation.

It seemed that Lina Maria had taken a trip to Colombia, the country of her birth and upon returning there she found out her lover had found another, sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Again it was obvious that she wrote from the heart and I couldn’t help but to think of that epic love story “ Dr. Zhivago ”, not because of similarities but because of the tragedy and disillusionment of love. Many would probably say she should forget this clown and move on to better things. Yet her feelings seem to be so profound that it is understandable why she finds herself so torn as to promise to write to this torturer.

I felt that I should write about this and let others know. I did not feel like posting anymore stuff about war, economy and human tragedy today. My contribution in that area would be like a grain of sand on an immense beach! I felt I should write about something with human nature and I felt this was it.
I wonder where is  Lina Maria now? She has not written anything else since that last entry of May 18, 2007. I wonder what has become of her, of her life! I felt like one that has been reading a novel and has been torn away from it by life’s circumstances never to know the ending!
Where is Lina Maria?

Update: It would seem that there was a happy ending to the story after all.
I have no idea if it was with the same guy in Colombia.

May you live Happily ever after!
To view Lina’s blog click below.

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2 Responses to “Where is Lina Maria?”

  1. Lina Maria Says:

    I thought I give you an update. I stopped writing my little novel because I got pregnant in 2005. No, it was not with the same guy in my stories. Unfortunately, my story had to stop in the middle. I am going to finish it now… Hope to count you as one of my readers.

  2. elbohemio Says:

    It is charming to have gotten a response to this post especially from the very person that it is about! I see you are writing about the current on-going situation in Colombia. I too have posted a few things ( mostly links).
    I am looking forward to reading the novel!
    El Bohemio

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