Does Anyone Know Norca Torres?

When I knew her Norca Torres lived on Rockaway Ave just off the corner of Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn, New York. This was back around the mid 60’s. She had 2 brothers, one was Raymond and the other was Walter. Her step-father was partners with a Jewish fellow in a clothing store on Broadway just a bit west of Rockaway under the J train.

Norca had married a guy named Winston, don’t recall the last name, which is the guy the family felt she should marry.

Sometime around the late 60’s the family had moved to a large house just south west of Highland Park. I remember having been there once or twice before I went to the service. Upon my return I married and lost track of Norca and her family as well as a number of other friends.

A number of years ago my brother ran into her, don’t remember if it was in Brooklyn or Queens. He found out that she had been divorced from Winston. That was the last I ever heard of her.

If anyone reading this post knows of her or knows her please direct her to this blog so we may re-establish contact. Tell her Robert, Walter’s old friend is trying to re-establish contact with her.


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