Venezuela: The Turning Point

Here are 2 links to articles I found to be ” MUST READ ” on my list. They both touch on some very interesting points that Venezuelans now face after last Sundays referendum.

Here are the links, and you decide for yourselves.

Op-Ed Columnist

Democracy in the Americas

By ROGER COHEN Published: December 6, 2007
CARACAS, Venezuela

I salute you, Hugo Chávez.
Those are words I never thought I’d write. But nor did I think it possible that a Latin American strongman, issued from the barracks, accumulating power through threats, slandering opponents as “traitors,” buying support with $150 million a day in oil money, and bent on a socialist revolution, would accept a marginal electoral defeat. More…

Viva The Other Left

Leon Krauze

I sure hope that Hugo Chavez’s defeat in Sunday’s referendum will indeed be the beginning of the end of the Venezuelan autocrat’s version of Latin American leftism. But perhaps even more important than Chavez’s eventual downfall would be the vindication of the region’s other brand of leftist thought. More…


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