Tito Kayak Re-surfaces

By El Bohemio,
November 26,2007

Yesterday, November 25, 2007 was the annual Festival Navideño at Convento Jesús Mediador in El Volcan, Bayamón, Puerto Rico which we had the pleasure of participating in. The celebration was in honor of padre Alvaro de Boer O.P. a close friend of ours who has been on the island since 1946 and knows full well the plight of the poor and oppressed here on the island.


While there were many local celebrities at the fair one stuck out quite prominently. It was none other than Puerto Rico’s leading and famous environmental activist Alberto De Jesus, better known as Tito Kayak. He looked thinner than in many of the videos I have seen of him, no doubt the recent protest at the Paseo Caribe Protest had taken their toll.
In spite of this he was cheerful, enthusiastic and posed for photographs with many people one of which was Doña Sonia Santiago of Madres Contra La Guerra ( Mothers Against the War ). She, along with her troupe were there promoting their organization and selling T-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers.


Some of the celebrities were La Familia Cepeda, El Grupo Tepeu, Edwin Gerena, Los Niños Trobadores, Roy Brown, Andres Jiménez and others. As usual there were many photographers both professional from the press and amateur.


The entire event went off very well and it really got crowded as the day wore on. As is my custom I maintained a position of anonymity. Those who know me greeted me but for the most part none knew El Bohemio was out and about..


I should mention one more thing, Madres Contra La Guerra will be having another activity in the way of a picket in front of the Army recruiting office in Mayagüez Town Center in front of RUM on December 7, 2007 at 12 p.m. For those not yet familiar with her organization just click on over to: http://madrescontralaguerra.blogspot.com/

and you can see a video of her organization at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QU4q6qkfXE


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