Puerto Rican Soldiers survive War to fight P.R. Veterans Administration

This is the same old story of past decades and again it continues to repeat itself. Puerto Ricans serve in the armed forces and struggle to survive the nightmare of war only to return to Puerto Rico to have to engage the  in yet another battle to obtain veterans rights they are entitled to. Many have found that they must move to the states in order to obtain the benefits they are entitled to after battling the P.R. Veterans Administration for years!

Below is part of the story of Carlos Labarca ( in Spanish ) and the link to El Vocero.

Sobrevivió a la guerra y ahora lucha en Veteranos
Por: Liz Arelis Cruz Maisonave

Carlos Labarca regresó a Puerto Rico después de haber servido en la llamada ‘Guerra contra el terrorismo’ para darse cuenta que tenía otra batalla pendiente, luchar por los beneficios que reclama le corresponden por haber sufrido severos traumas en suelo de combate. Mas…


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