Police Brutality and Crime South of the Border

Here are a number of videos that I found while researching a site. These videos give you a look at how Police deal with crime in Brazil. The cops in São Paulo, Brazil are heavy handed as you will see in these videos. They are referred to as ROTA which stands for Ronda Ostensiva Tobias de Aguiar.

Warning! these videos are Graphic and not meant for young people.

ROTA kills 4 bandits in confrontation
Rota mata quatro bandidos em confronto.

Graphic video from Sao Palo, Brazil
Mans corpse found in the river Tietê
Corpo de um homem encontrado boiando no Tietê

Police Violence
Violência Policial


Assassination in  Curitiba
Assassinato em Curitiba!!!

Curitiba  is the capital city of the Brazilian state of Paraná. In 2005 its population was approximately 1788559 people.


Police execute innocent in Rio de Janeiro / Assassination
Policial executa inocente no Rio de Janeiro / Assassinato


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