Lynch the Jena 6 comment has been Taken Down!

 I heard of this story in  this mornings news broadcast and decided to look into it. Bloew is what I found at Bravenet

According to JLA of Atlanta, a racist, white supremacist group has published the names and addresses of the Jena six and called for their lynching when released from jail.

The next time some reactionary pundit on Hannity and Colmes tries to tell you that civil rights efforts are no longer necessary, or demonizes Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for taking it to the streets, remember this story.

Please help by contacting blogspot and law enforcement to to get the following racist, threatening blog removed and to hold those who are responsible to account.

After going to the site mentioned and checking I can say that the list has been taken down.
If you go to the Bravenet site you will see some of the hate comments posted there.

It’s incredible to believe that hate of such a nature still exist in the U.S.

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