Madres Contra La Guerra


Original graphic by Roberto Hernández


Today’s post is about an organization that resides right here in Puerto Rico. I have run across their activities at various points in the life of this blog. Being basically anti-war and having posted many such posts against the war both here and in my other blogs, A Puerto Rican Artist and Hunter-Seeker, it was only natural that I would eventually encounter Madres Contra La Guerra ( Mother’s Against the War in English ) in cyberspace.
Yesterday I posted a list of Puerto Ricans that have been killed in the 2 current on-going wars in the past year. In my research I again came across this organization and today I decided to post some information about them.

Their website location is:

Like I said they are based right here in Puerto Rico and their mailing address is:

Madres Contra la Guerra
Apartado 875, Dorado,
Puerto Rico 00646

There is much that can be said about them but I will let their video speak for itself so as not to be redundant.


Madres Contra La Guerra



As always I hope that in helping to get this information out to the public and to young people in particular it may help to save one of their lives. If it saves many then it will be beyond my wildest expectations!

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