List of Puerto Rican KIA

 Since I know how difficult it is for some people in the states to find information on the net regarding Puerto Rican soldiers killed in action.

I have taken the liberty of hunting this information down. El Nuevo Dia in Puerto Rico has a web page called Héroes Boricuas where the names are listed. I have compiled their list here in alphabetical order to make it easier to go through.
This is a list of the 65  Puerto Rican soldiers killed in the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as of September 13, 2007.  For news reports ( in Spanish ) go here, for DoD listing go here.
Here is the list:

  1. Andrew J. Avilés
  2. Ángel D. Mercado Velázquez
  3. Aleina Ramírez González
  4. Alexis Román
  5. Anthony Palermo
  6. Antonio J. Sledd Figueroa
  7. Antonio Méndez Sánchez
  8. Carlos Díaz
  9. Carlos Camacho Rivera
  10. Carlos J. Gil
  11. David Alonso Mejías
  12. David Ayala
  13. Ed Santini De Jesús
  14. Ernesto Blanco Caldas
  15. Emmanuel Hernández Cales
  16. Edwin Matos Colón
  17. Francisco G. Martínez
  18. Frances M. Benítez
  19. Francisco Martínez Jiménez
  20. Fernando Méndez Aceves
  21. Gary A. Vaillant
  22. Gil Mercado Román
  23. Gregory Rivera Santiago
  24. Henry Irizarry
  25. Isaac Michael Nieves
  26. Isaías Santos Luzcando
  27. Jacob Mártir
  28. Jason López Reyes
  29. Jason Núñez
  30. Javier Antonio Rivera Villanueva
  31. Jesús M. Montalvo
  32. Jocelyn Carrasquillo
  33. Joel Pérez
  34. José A. Rivera Aponte
  35. José A. Rivera Serrano
  36. Joseph Alomar
  37. Juan M. Serrano
  38. Julián Inglés Ríos
  39. Julio Negrón
  40. Karl Soto Pinedo
  41. Kelvin Feliciano
  42. Luis Manuel Meléndez Sánchez
  43. Lizbeth Robles
  44. María Inés Ortiz
  45. Manuel Hornedo
  46. Melvin Mora
  47. Michael A. Martínez
  48. Miguel Angel Ramos Vargas
  49. Miguel Carrasquillo
  50. Milton Rivera Vargas
  51. Orlando Morales
  52. Orville Gerena Quiñones
  53. Pedro Jesús Colón
  54. Pedro Muñoz Yambó
  55. Radamés Camilo Matos
  56. Ramón Acevedo Aponte
  57. Ramón Mateo
  58. Ramón Reyes Torres
  59. Robert Marcus Rodríguez
  60. Ricardo Antonio Crocker García
  61. Richard Orengo
  62. Roberto Hernández
  63. Yull Estrada Rodríguez
  64. William López
  65. Wilberto Suliveras

3 Responses to “List of Puerto Rican KIA”

  1. Hispanics that have died in the war in 2007 « The Last Caribbean, Bohemian Artist Says:

    […] Update September 16, 2007:  For a more detailed list go to my post: List of Puerto Rican KIA […]

  2. Anne Sanders Says:

    Can i have the list of all the Puerto Rican in Iraq please.
    Sorry Anne, I don’t have that info and I doubt the DOD will or can provide it.

  3. Javier Hernandez Says:

    Javier Hernandez…

    […]List of Puerto Rican KIA « The Last Caribbean, Bohemian Artist[…]…

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