Hate Comments Are Not Welcomed Here

Out of respect for the families and loved ones of those listed on my post  “Hispanics that have died in the war in 2007” which can be found in Recent Post, I have deleted the comment that was put there by a woman in Georgia which I found to be disrespectful, both to the memory of those soldiers and to their families. I have chosen to put it here instead, as a post and as a reminder to all my readers as to the sort of mentality that we, as Hispanics, must deal with from time to time.

In the first place the purpose of this blog is to provide information and links that are of interest to the Latin community as a whole and includes topics dealing with politics, Latin news, and links. As such it deals primarily with Latin issues and ethnicity is something that we have to confront on a daily basis.

In the second place, I do not deal with matters concerning religion on this site. That is the private domain of each of my readers and I will not invade or trespass into that area.

As for the derogatory statements made in the comment they can only attest to the mentality and intolerance of the writer.
Below is the comment so that  my readers can judge for themselves as to it’s inappropriateness on the said post:

“Why in God’s name do they go fight in the us army? Aside from how shabbily this country treats minorities and immigrants, of much greater concern is the fact that Doomed america has made God it’s number one enemy. Why would you fight God?
I read what the families say and what the Patriot Guard members say on their www.patriotguard.org Web site. They all talk the same. There is no difference in how the families — whose grief you mourn — talk about this evil nation.
Further, the households who lost soldiers are full of idols. What did you think was going to happen when they worshiped the creature instead of the Creator? Mexico, Latin America, Spain — all have thrown in with the fags. You can’t disobey God in that manner without a consequence. So OF COURSE your soldiers are coming home in body bags.
Wake up man! Stop worshiping ethnicity and start worshiping God! The siege is coming. The destruction draweth nigh. This is not the time to be looking for fair treatment out of an unrighteous despot nation. This is the time to be getting a Bible, reading it and obeying it. You should be using this Web page to warn people to flee the wrath to come — not bellyaching over the fact that Doomed america is unfair. Of course they are. It’s a corrupt God-cursed land from stem to stern, and it’s only going to get worse.”

In the future such comments will be deleted immediately.

                                                                                                                    El Bohemio


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