Ex-Policeman Javier Págan Cruz Out on Bail!

Update: April 15, 2008:11:35 a.m.

109 years in jail

April 15, 2008:11:35 a.m. Puerto Rico: Javier Pagan was sentenced today to 99 years on charges of murder and 10 for violation of the Weapons Act for the death of Miguel Caceres.
By Pedro Bosque
Humacao – Ruben Torres Davila The judge gave Javier Pagan the opportunity to speak, but he did not express himself. Then the judge handed down the sentence of 99 years on charges of murder and 10 years for violation of the Arms Act. You can read more and see the video that sealed his fate here.

August 17, 2007

This is the most incredible news in Puerto Rico today, the Ex-Policeman, Javier Págan Cruz, who shot to death a local citizen in Humacao over the past weekend was set free on bail with an ankle bracelet. He is to maintain himself in his residence 24/7 except for his appearance in court. As could have been seen on local TV the entire island is in a state of indignation over the event. This on the very day that the victim Miguel Cáceres Cruz was laid to rest.
I have included the front page of El Vocero because I know a lot of people back in the states are not going to believe this.
I imagine that the passport of Javier Págan Cruz was confiscated and that the various ports of exit have been alerted in the event of an escape attempt.


For the Spanish version of the article at Pimera Hora click on the headline below

En su casa con grillete Pagán Cruz


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