Policeman Charged with Homicide is in Prison, Video Reveals the Crime

Translation from Univision article
August 15, 2007

San Juan- The police officer who killed a man with 4 shots in Puerto Rico and who’s actions were recorded on video, spent the morning in jail after a judge ordered his arrest.

The police officer Javier Pagán Cruz turned himself into the authorities once judge Ada López determined there was probable cause to  arrest him in the shooting death of Miguel A. Cáceres Cruz. Inicially the bail was set at $500,000.

After turning himself in he was taken before judge Ana Rivera Vicenty, who reduced his bail to $100,000, but was jailed until a phone is installed in his residence, which would permit him to be free on bail with an ankle bracelet.

The incident in which Pagán Cruz killed Cáceres Cruz was recorded on video by an unidentified individual who then turned it over to the news media.

In the video it is observed when the officer assigned to the Tactical Operations Unit fired on repeated occasions at Cáceres Cruz 43 with a final shot to the back of the head.

The Chief of Police, Pedro Toledo, categorized the incident as “an execution”.

The Police officer, who was hospitalized until Tuesday for the bullet wound received in the leg, was summarily dismissed from the police on Wednesday.
According to Toldeo, the police officer had administrative complaints against him for use of excessive force in an intervention with a motorcyclist and domestic violence against his ex-girl friend.

The Police Department, Department of Justice and the FBI are investigating the incident which started over a traffic incident between Cáceras Cruz, who was driving the vehicle, a motorcycle, and the police man. It was then that the altercation began during which the officers gun went off causing a minor wound in his leg, seconds later he fired his weapon at Cáceras Cruz.
Note: Police officer Javier Pagán Cruz is currently in the Bayamon Regional Prison, Bayamon, Puerto Rico.


4 Responses to “Policeman Charged with Homicide is in Prison, Video Reveals the Crime”

  1. jose Says:

    I hope some coward like him come’s and shoot’s him in the back of the head.He had no bussiness taking that man’s life.

  2. Ozzie Says:

    what a coward. police brutality is very common on the island of PR. most police officers take their positions as a way of bullying residents around. i am appaulled that the initial investigation was backed by this officers supervisor. VERY APPAULLED!

  3. millie Says:

    i think this is bull shit… Javier is a very sweet guy.. this man will never hurt no one.. they should have investagated more on what happen…THey should have not gave him so much time.. he was a police officer.. and the same system he put his trust in gave him a foot in the ass… now the justice system is faul… every one is innocent until proven guilty…

  4. alexis Says:

    bueno a ese desalmado hay k dale con un bate en las pelota pak vea klok
    union latino americana,centro americana y todos los paises latinos y otros k puedan ayudarnos y ayudarse ellos mismo asi nos superamos todos y nos podemos hacer mas fuerte k el capitalismo mundial

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