Police officer shoots and kills man in Puerto Rico

Update: April 15, 2008:11:35 a.m.

This is the final chapter in this Tragedy. Justice has been served!

109 años de cárcel

Javier Pagán fue sentenciado hoy a 99 años por el cargo de asesinato y 10 por violación a la Ley de Armas por la muerte de Miguel Cáceres.
Por Pedro Bosque
Humacao – El juez Rubén Torres Dávila le dio la oportunidad a Javier Pagán de que hablara, pero este no se expresó. Acto seguido el magistrado dictó la sentencia de 99 años por el cargo de asesinato y 10 años por violación a la Ley de Armas. Mas…
English translation:

109 years in jail

Javier Pagan was sentenced today to 99 years on charges of murder and 10 for violation of the Weapons Act for the death of Miguel Caceres.
By Pedro Bosque
Humacao – Ruben Torres Davila The judge gave Javier Pagan  the opportunity to speak, but he did not express himself. Then the judge handed down the sentence of 99 years on charges of murder and 10 years for violation of the Arms Act.

Update: April 11, 2008: Javier Pagán Cruz was found Guilty of killing Miguel Cáceres. Go here for the entire article and the video:

“Arruinó la vida de Cáceres”

This is one of the most recent and brutal cases of police brutality here in Puerto Rico.

I was able to find it on Youtube and am presenting it here for the world to see. The case is under investigation by the F.B.I. and the police officers involved have been disarmed and suspended.

The police will not have a chance at hiding this incident as it was caught on video and broadcast on the news throughout the island and on Spanish TV stations in the states. The victim was identified as Miguel Cáceres Cruz. The incident arose when Miguel Cáceres Cruz was helping to direct traffic to a “quinceañero” when the three officers arrived and got into a dispute with him. According to witness reports Police officer Javier Pagán Cruz gun went off during the struggle which wounded the officer in the foot at which point he then proceeded to shoot Cruz several times while he lay on the ground and by standers screamed to stop.

The FBI said Monday it is investigating an incident caught on video showing a policeman wrestling an apparently unarmed man to the ground then shooting him dead.
Agents are interviewing officers and witnesses and are trying to obtain an original copy of the video, FBI spokesman Harry Rodriguez said.
The video, which was broadcast on a local news program, shows an officer standing over a man lying face-down and shooting him at least three times — once in the head.
“We have enough information to start that investigation,” said Puerto Rico’s FBI director Luis Fraticelli. He said the bureau will look into “possible illegal acts involving police brutality or the excessive use of force.”
Puerto Rico’s Department of Justice also is investigating.


Update: August 14, 2007 6:58 p.m.

(AP) — El Departamento de Justicia radicó hoy en la tarde un cargo de asesinato en primer grado contra el agente Javier Pagán Cruz, quien mató con cuatro tiros al civil Miguel A. Cáceres Cruz el sábado en Humacao. Mas…

Translation: The Justice Department filed charges today of 1st degree murder against Javier Pagán Cruz the policeman who killed Miguel A. Cáceras this past Saturday in Humacao, Puerto Rico. More…in Spanish

This was just announced on TV and the radio in Puerto Rico.

This is an update on the various news articles coming out in Puerto Rico.

The Executioner

Executed Man’s Funeral

Pedro Toledo habla


29 Responses to “Police officer shoots and kills man in Puerto Rico”

  1. Yolanda Hernandez Says:

    I have seen police brutality, but that was murder execution style. I can not
    believe that Puerto Rico has mentally disturbed officers, well let me rephrase
    that, incompetent and disturbed. The government not only should they be
    looking into the incident, but also looking into the mental health of their law enforcement department. The government is just taking in anyone that wants
    to enlist and not really looking into these peoples background or mental health. Believe me if you have a “Padrino” in the force, your in. Unfortunately, that’s how it sometimes work.
    My heart goes out to the victim’s family, its a shame that he was trying to make a happy event go smoother and was killed for it.

  2. george Says:

    This is outrageous, it is obvious an execution. haven’t the PR police heard about tasers? I wish someone with media connections could forward the video to a major US newscaster such as msnbc or fox and bring some heat on puerto rico’s police force.

  3. jesus rivera Says:

    i hope they hang this guy in a town plaza 4 everyone to see

  4. Nilda Says:

    I lived in Puerto Rico and presently reside in NYC. I have lived through cases of police brutality via news and newspapers. However what I viewed in this video goes beyond words. The family and loved ones of Miguel Caceres Cruz should receive justice. Justice in this case should be served by placing this animal named Javier Pagan Cruz in the “Oso Blanco” with the general population. No form of protective custody should be allowed. For those who do not know what the Oso Blanco is….it is the harshest prison for men in Puerto Rico. Then and only then will justice be served. May you rest in peace Miguel and may Pagan Cruz rot in hell !!

  5. Osiris Says:

    I wonder where Javier Pagan Cruz El Asesino Puerco got that black eye!
    El Bohemio: Probably in the Bayamon jail where he spent a day or two before being bailed out.

  6. Rody Says:

    After seeing this video and listening to the former Police Super. of PR, I wonder why this officer was still on the force
    after being accused of domestic violence with his gun in the past. As a NY Law Enforcement Officer I know that if accused of any crime involving my firearm I would lose the ability to possess a firearm, be sent to physic services for evaluation and would have to sit before the fire arms review board before I could possess a gun again. In the meantime I would be on what we call the “rubber gun squad,”
    (NO GUN). I know we have are own problems in NYC but I
    have never seen anything like this video in my life. My heart
    goes out to the victim and his family. May he rest in peace,
    and may that sorry excuse for a Police Officer (Perp. in Blue)
    get everything he has coming to him.

  7. Jose Says:

    This video show how idiots are the Puerto Rico’s police, they can’t handle one unarmed man. I pray for justice, they need to stop police brutality.

  8. Dazed Says:

    Just wait a few more years and this will be happening in America too.

  9. carlos.a.suarez Says:

    this is not the first time that this has happend ,its just the first time it was caught on video im surprised that who ever took the video did not get shot too. , the sistem in PR sucks..
    You’re right on both points. For one he ( the Cop ) got caught like those in the Rodney King beating and for two, even though many had asked that he come forward as a witness he thought wisely and kept silent. If he would have identified himself ( though there are many who know who he is ) he would most certainly have been ACCIDENTALLY KILLED! Anyone who has lived on the island long enough knows this to be the truth.

  10. americancop Says:

    Dazed you are a freekin monster…You have no idea what you are talking about…the justice system in america is not perfect but it is the best in the world. And then there are people like you who use the tragic death of this subject for your misguided rant aginst the very people who risk their lives for YOUR well being. So sleep tight “Dazed and confused” and don’t worry the cops in this fine country will still be there to protect you!!!!

  11. Xavier Pagan Franco Says:

    What the police officer did was fucked-up, but don’t blame the police force. My uncle is an officer in Puerto Rico and he tells me that almost everyday they are shot at by gang members, which take pride in killing officers. I used to live in Puerto Rico and I’ve seen the fucked up shit gangs do to people. By sample in the barrio I used to live in, a man was killed by a gang and they cut the guys body apart and threw his remains in front of his moms house to put fear in the people. ( What if the guy that was shot was a gang member or a gang leader?) Will you think different? Yeah, maybe the cops in Puerto Rico could be mentally disturbed, but they they see a lot of fucked up shit everyday. Oh, and I own property in Puerto Rico, but you couldn’t pay me enough to live in it. Just because of the gangs out in Puerto Rico are cold blooded killers. The officer in involved in the shotting is not related to me. The last name Pagan in Puerto Rico is just like last name Smith in this country.

    • D Martinez-Vellon Says:

      I can tell you right now that the guy who was killed was not a gang member he was just an average joe. I’m from Humacao. My family knows his family. The cop got aggressive with him and coersed him into an argument with turned physical. The officer had no neeeeeeed to assasinate him.

      Once he was down… it was enough!

      in PR the “Police” are the biggest and worst gang members on the island. Cops pick on innocent ppl all the time. 1 out of every 5 “unsolved murders” in PR are commited by the cops.

      Just cause your related to a cop doesn’t mean that they don’t commit crimes.

      Sometimes you have to be from the streets before you comment on what happends on them.

  12. Juan Says:

    I live in Puerto Rico, and can’t believe all the cases of police brutatlity that we have. I am doing a reaserch paper on Police brutality in Puerto Rico, and if anyone knows any extra information about other cases of police brutality, plese e-mail them to the following adress:



  13. guess Says:

    if you look close enough the man did have a gun and put the guy in general population as someone who knows this mans family background hell be protected any how although the law enforcement there dose need to change most have crimnal backgrounds and are involvend of have been envolved in gang activity

  14. Ex-Policeman Javier Págan Cruz Out on Bail! « The Last Caribbean, Bohemian Artist Says:

    […] April 15, 2008:11:35 a.m. Puerto Rico: Javier Pagan was sentenced today to 99 years on charges of murder and 10 for violation of the Weapons Act for the death of Miguel Caceres. By Pedro Bosque Humacao – Ruben Torres Davila The judge gave Javier Pagan  the opportunity to speak, but he did not express himself. Then the judge handed down the sentence of 99 years on charges of murder and 10 years for violation of the Arms Act. You can read more and see the video that sealed his fate here. […]


    What I saw in the video is unimaginable. The Police in Puerto Rico is corrupt and beyond repair. I hope that GOD will judge this man accordingly; but I pray that I would never do something like that. And for the family of Miguel Caceres may GOD bless them.

  16. Norberto Esteves Nieves Says:

    This is just one incident of what the Puerto Rican people have been dealing with since the United States took over the island on 1898. The individuals who wanted independence for Puerto rico have also been persecuted since the early 1900’s. They were arrested for desiring freedom for Puerto Rico from the United States oppression. Anyone who expressed their rights (freedom of speech, rght to assemble) was arrested and even shot. So the Puerto Rican police in conjunction with the United Statian authorities have violated the rights of the Puerto Ricans. The puerto Rican flag which was created in 1895 prohibited and not allowed to be displayed until 1952. anyone who did so before 1952 was arrested.

  17. Kat in CT Say: Says:

    What happened to Miguel Caceres is horrific! I can’t imagine what state of mind this officer was in when he decided to shoot this poor guy. Don’t they train cops to shoot a warning shot first? I’m happy that the person who decided to keep the camera rolling wasn’t hurt. If people don’t take a stand to show our Goverment Officials what the cops are doing all over the world this cop would have never been brought to “JUSTICE.” I commend the person/s who decided to continue taping, because of you Miguel Caceres killer is in jail with no bail!!!!! I applaud you 100%. As for Miguels family my heart goes out to them and May Miguel RIP….

  18. Jeff Says:

    Fuck the police and javier cruz.

  19. Dennis Perri Says:

    I am very disappointment to heard this about the murder of innocent people. I honest with you that I personality don’t like police it’s because they are dirty justice and not pure. Lord God and Lord Jesus are number one. I am obey to my father above Heaven Lord God and Lord Jesus Christ more than human create the political and science too. Say it, “IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST”. GOD BLESS YOU. Just remember that you can’t have two master of Lord God and the Money. I chose Lord God and Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  20. meno Says:

    Puerto Rico has a looonggg history of police corruption. the worst case was the named FBI file (police mafia) it’s a 45mints documentary. about 50 officers were just killing anyone they didn’t like and of course greed was the main thing in their killings.

  21. love puerto Rico Says:

    I love Puerto Rico that is were my family from but I would say that police in Puerto Rico are corrupt I am from New York hearing about this store I thank God I was not killed. Why I thank God I was not killed because I told the truth to a policeman face I told him that he was corrupt. I went to Puerto Rico on vacation my husband was driving and a police pull him over he told my husband that he was going fast so I told the police to show me the speed gun and he told me to go to his car and he would show me the speed gun when I what to his car he told me it was off so I told him he was corrupt now seeing this store show me that have a white husband save my life.
    The hospital on the other hand are a jokes to. I think Puerto Rico needs to fix a lot of things about them. Do not get me worry I love my country. I am Patrician to the heart.

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  27. Ramos Edwin Says:

    Be a police officer in Puerto Rico is hard because you have to deal not only with local criminals but also with criminals that come from the worst most disgusting places of the United States and they think they cant get away with stuff. The crime in Puerto Rico is going down but we must pay more the police officers and give them more training and even support from the National Guard.

  28. Ramos Edwin Says:

    I love my Island but the drug problem that we have and the gangs from NYC that are currently in Puerto Rico required the Police and others to used force. In the video I agree that the use of a teaser or pepper spray could allow the subject to be put under control. I would also have people protecting me in the perimeter because the people that were there where CAFRE or criminals……

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