Dorothy! Please Go Back to Kansas!

Tornado touches down in Brooklyn

Wicked weather tears through Tri-State

I called my sister this afternoon after noticing that she was online. I wondered if something was going on since she should have been at work. When she started recounting todays events in New York especially in Brooklyn I could not believe what I was hearing. A Tornado in Brooklyn! Once I was assured that everything was OK I turned on the TV and watched the days events roll by on Channel 7 which we are able to get down here in Puerto Rico on Liberty Cablevision. It was confirmed that it indeed was a tornado and an EF 7 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, if I understood correctly. I will leave you with this link to Channel 7 online to see the full report. Is it me or does anyone notice a recent meteorological trend taking place. Does anyone remember the recent events in a similar latitude just a week or so back, England to be exact? What about the 7.5 earthquake in Java, Indonesia at 12:04 p.m. today! Does the term Global Warming jump out at anybody?


2 Responses to “Dorothy! Please Go Back to Kansas!”

  1. Rose LiVecchi Says:

    I think we’re back in Kansas (New York) again Dorothy!

  2. Yolanda Hernandez Says:

    Kind of scary isn’t it? I wonder what the government is doing about it.
    Are we in time to save the earth? Good question right?…

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