Mommy, can I have milk?

It is amazing but not unexpected, the UHT  milk sellers have raised the price on their milk. Who is to blame? The fresh milk sellers? The UHT sellers? The Senate? DACO? I must say that this has been the latest outrage. Why not just tell the poor,” let them eat cake ” like  Marie Antoinette told her subjects! Oh, I forgot, Cake cost more than milk down here in “ La Isla Del Encanto” I speak of Puerto Rico!

I got the news a little while back that the UHT ( Ultra High Temperature ) Milk is now selling at $1.39 a container, when prior to today it was selling at $.89 cents per container ( quart 32 oz )  on sale which is when most people bought it, by the case! There is a sign by the milk saying that the price hike was approved by DACO  ( which I am certain will never come, that is my opinion ).

OK. So what do the poor, the infirmed, the aged, in effect all those living on subsistence wages, pensions and other types of fixed incomes do for milk now? I understand that many are buying powdered milk to make do. Knowing the merchant clan I am certain that will not last for long either. Soon they will put the screws to the people again and raise the price of powdered milk!  Bear in mind that the federal minimum is $5.85 per hour ( effective July 24, 2007 )  which means $234.00 before the blood-letting! That does not leave very much to work with considering how everything else is so high and soon school will start again See Laura M Bretana, Caguas, Puerto Rico .

What about the people one may ask? Well, they will bitch and complain then try to figure out what they should or will do. I had seen this coming a while back when the fresh milk sellers were pressuring the local government to put the screws to the UHT sellers. I guess they won.

Well, so much from,” La Isla Del Encanto”. I wonder how many children will go to sleep tonight without milk, UHT or otherwise?
Has anyone looked at the price of corn lately? No doubt it’s needed for fuel!


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