New Haven Becomes First City in U.S. to Offer ID Cards to Illegal Immigrants

When I first saw this my eye brow rose slightly, and my instincts went on alert. I read the article and posed some questions to myself which I noted down. I then began checking across the net and just like I had thought there had already been an incident surrounding this issue right in New Haven itself.

This from the Yale Daily News:

Feds arrest dozens of illegal immigrants in New Haven raids


The Department of Homeland Security conducted an early morning raid of undocumented immigrants in New Haven on Wednesday, arresting dozens and prompting city officials to decry what they believe to be federal retaliation for the city’s approval Monday of the first-in-the-nation municipal ID program.

This is exactly what my instincts were flashing the warning about. You see its all well and good that the municipality of New Haven passes whatever law they want but in this case they entered the realm of the “Federales”, as they say in Mexico, Feds as we say in the states.
The first thing that struck me about this article was the Department of Homeland Security conducted the raid. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t immigration matters fall under the jurisdiction of Immigration and Naturalization or have I been away from the states so long that things have changed.
Next on the list are those dozens of individuals. I don’t know who they are so I can only speak from my observation point on the net. They may be criminals or they may just be aliens ( illegal or otherwise ) my point being where did they, the Department of Homeland Security get the information from to conduct this raid and what’s to become of those individuals now?

If, and I say IF those individuals were arrested because of information obtained from registering for the ID card then there is a huge flaw in the system. This would mean that there is a database with the names, addresses, work places, etc., etc. of each and everyone that has registered with New Haven for that blessed ID card! That means that the Federal Government can and will access that information, and as far as I know there is nothing that New Haven can do about it because the immigration issue falls into Federal jurisdiction! Now this is what the Aldermen expressed:

During discussions of the ID program, aldermen expressed some concern that the Department of Homeland Security at some point might subpoena the program’s records, but there was little if any discussion of a possible retaliation by immigration enforcement, especially before the ID cards were put into place.

The last part of that sentence concerns me, especially before the ID cards were put into place. Right there that is signaling me that something is wrong. I may be wrong but that is telling me that information IS available, either through infiltration by the Feds, informers or access to the database.

Now, with such a situation existing do the Aldermen of New Haven feel that the illegal immigrants have grounds to trust the system? I have not even entered into the area of agenda.
Here I speak as a Hispanic, born and bred in the states, having lived and worked in the inner city environment for years until my departure at the end of the 70’s because of racism, and that coming from me, that if anyone were to see me on any street, anywhere in any state would not even think of me as a Hispanic! So one can say that I am speaking from a point of view of experience, many years of experience! Not only that but I have spent many years studying history, American and World history. I have seen how laws have been passed throughout American History which, when thoroughly investigated had some sort of agenda attached to it! I don’t mean laws against the obvious like murder, rape, and theft. I means laws passed to control a people, a specific group of ethnic origin. For those wishing to check these areas you can go to the links below.

San Diego Indy Media 
Voltaire Net .Org
Flex Your Rights.Org

As for the current situation in New Haven I can only say this to the immigrants, Beware. This may very well be the first such law passed in the U.S. regarding illegal immigration ID but bear in mind, New Haven is NOT the Federal System and their laws DO NOT supercede Federal Laws. This whole thing may very well turn out to be a failure.

As for the Aldermen of New Haven, what’s to become of the children of those arrested? Are they in some holding pen as well? Have they been scurried away to be prepared for deportation? Don’t get me wrong. I am not pointing fingers. The intentions may have been completely and honestly in the best interest of the immigrants involved, but look at the results, just on the first day!

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