The Price of Milk


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Update: April 28,2008

It has been a while since I have checked out this post and updated it but now there is reason to do just that. As of April 11, 2008 the price of milk ( and many other products ) has gone up. This is the breakdown:

One quart $1.21 half gallon $2,47 one gallon $4.67 canned milk $1.28

Loose eggs in the Colmado’s are 5 for $1.00 from supermarkets it starts from$2.49 and up. All other food products have gone up as well. Many people are buying just the things that are on sale in the supermarkets and these shelves empty very fast. From the news I have been able to gather there are already food riots in various parts of the world. Rice is one of the foods that has gone up quite a bit and many poorer countries can no longer afford it and there are reports of rationing in the U.S.!

And the prices just keep on going up. I heard from a source in the Dominican Republic that politicians are using this to their advantage and blaming the local government when in reality this is a world wide issue!Just the other day I checked out the price of fish and that has skyrocketed and its not even local fish! A supermarket had Snapper from Peru for $8.49 a lb.! Grouper was close to $11.00 a pound. The fish that is on sale is from China and there have been a number of reports as to safety concerns regarding fish products from that country.

Check out my post The Next Great Economic Depression right here on El Bohemio. Just go to the home page and check out Top Post on the right.

July 23, 2007 at 11:54 am

Today I thought I would put in one of my cartoons to add a touch of humor to a serious situation here in Puerto Rico. Yes what the cartoon portrays is true, milk now cost more than gasoline in Puerto Rico! Currently gas goes for anywhere from $.68-$.75 per liter ( there are 3.8 liters per gallon ). To make matters worse they are planning on raising the price of UHT milk, which the poor had switched to years ago to off-set the price hike back then. For those making the Federal minimum they will have to work roughly three quarters of an hour just to buy a gallon of milk! I guess the rest of the people will have to pawn stuff each month to be able to afford the precious liquid! The regular price for UHT milk fluctuates around $1.25 for a 32 oz container. Most people wait until it goes on sale for 89 cents for the same amount and then buy a box which has 12 containers. I know that this does not seem like much for stateside residents but it does make a difference for many here on the island. Let me give a small list of local prices on some articles so you have a better idea of things. The prices shown are regular not specials.

  1. Ribs ( pig ) $2.85 per lb.
  2. Chopped meat ( beef ) $2.48 per lb. ( though this fluctuates a bit )
  3. Red Apples $1.19 per lb.
  4. Peaches $1.99 per lb.
  5. Jumbo Carrots ( from Costa Rica ) 69 cents per lb.
  6. Cole slaw ( package ) $1.99 ea. ( bag )
  7. Tomatoes $1.19 per lb.
  8. Tilapia $2.89 per lb.

These are just a few articles. Prices on eggs fluctuate a bit. In the bodegas you might pay $1.00 for 7-8 eggs. In the supermarkets the prices range from $1.19 ( on sale though a good sale would be 99 cents per doz. ) to $1.79 or higher. Pan Sobao ( the soft version of Italian bread ) could range from $1.09 to $1.39 depending where you buy it. Slice bread usually goes for $1.99 a loaf.

As you can see if a person is getting a Federal minimum these kinds of prices will quickly eat away at that paycheck. Do the math!

I won’t even touch on the topics of clothes, furniture, appliances or such things as electric, water, telephone ( the basic stuff ) or cable TV and internet ( for those with extra money ). Oh yes, let me not forget the infamous sales tax that came into being this year which adds to the erosion of that paycheck. Bear in mind that the vast majority of the articles sold on the island are imported so there is the import tax as well!

You well might ask about salaries. Well , just off the top of my head from some figures I recall, an English teacher gets around $1,200 a month which is more or less what a policeman gets (depending on rank of course ). As can be seen the salaries are nothing like what might be had in the states.

Well, so much for the local situation. For those interested in viewing more of my cartoons go to the sidebar and click on El Jefe cartoons.


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