Jeremy Irons on the Death Penalty

In view of the recent news regarding the death penalty for 2 Puerto Ricans in spite of the fact that the death penalty is against the constitution of Puerto Rico, I thought I would put this video here by Jeremy Irons from Amnesty International.

One might ask what good is having a law against capital punishment in the constitution of Puerto Rico if the U.S. can circumvent it and extradite an individual to a state that permits executions? It certainly does not give our constitution much credibility nor is it much of an object of respect since the U.S. Federal system will do what it likes, when it likes, regardless of OUR laws! This gives the world a demonstration of WHO is really in charge in Puerto Rico. Our Politicians, if you can really use either of those two words, are nothing more than puppets being handled by the Puppet Master, The U.S., whether we accept it or not!

Listen well to the words by Jeremy Irons, especially if you are poor!  


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