Chávez popularity cools amid push for socialism

A poll shows most Venezuelans reject the unlimited reelection of presidents, as they do a Cuban-style government.

El Nuevo Herald

Proposals for the unlimited reelection of President Hugo Chávez, the possibility of establishing a Cuba-like political system and the ”violent” clash with Washington are rejected by most Venezuelans, according to a new poll unveiled Friday.


The poll by Hinterlaces, a Caracas think tank that carries out surveys and analysis for private clients, also showed that Chávez’s popularity has dropped 13 points since November, from 52 percent to 39 percent. More…


One Response to “Chávez popularity cools amid push for socialism”

  1. theradicalmormon Says:

    Looks like that trend is not what it seems. The latest numbers are pretty positively in Chavez’s favor:

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