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As is my custom, I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to begin my hunt across the World Wide Web in search of news links that I feel would be of interest to my readers. Since I have been focusing on the events in Venezuela and now Colombia I began browsing through some of the Colombian News Blogs and was struck by the difficulties that these bloggers encounter in their country as well as in South America in general.

In our blogging we encounter problems such as a widget disappearing or a counter not working or the usually time in deleting that nuisance spam. I have found that these problems pale in comparison to those faced by bloggers in other parts of the world. In this instance I speak of the Colombians. Imagine waking up and turning your computer on to go to your blog and begin writing only to find out it has been deleted! Yes deleted, the whole blog! Gone forever! That is the sort of thing that our Latin friends in Colombia as well as other South American countries have to deal with. There seems to be an inclination by some of the newspapers ( and other entities ) to eradicate certain blogs that voice opinions contrary to their views.

In essence it is what might be termed censorship by newspapers! In going through several blogs I came to the conclusion that this is in fact an everyday thing south of the border. I mentioned the newspapers but the government as well as political parties are involved as well and to make matters worse it would seem that the actual providers of the blogs engage in this practice as well.

Below I have provided a link to one of the blogs that deals with this problem and others. The blog is in Spanish as are the rest of the links once there.

We should consider ourselves lucky not to be living in the sort of environment in which these people have to live in. Check out the numerous links to other bloggers and newspaper writers as well as organizations. It is a most interesting and articulate site.






Blog de Víctor Solano

¿Comunicación? – Blog de Víctor Solano es, cada vez más, un espacio difícil de definir. Nació de la idea de exponer dudas, pensamientos sueltos sobre el mundo de la comunicación en todas sus dimensiones. Pensé en la palabra “comunicación” entre signos de interrogación porque es todavía una serie de preguntas para que me inquietan: ¿Qué es comunicación? ¿qué entiende la gente por eso? ¿los medios informan o comunican? ¿qué se ha dicho y qué falta por decir sobre la comunicación? Mas…

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